May 3, 2005 it all began - Ten amazing years of Forza

Turn 10 Studios would like to thank the fans of Forza games for celebrating 10 years of the release of Forza Motorport:

"May 3, 2005 it all began. Ten amazing years of Forza! Thanks to all our fans around the world."

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Paytaa2238d ago

The first Forza will always hold a special place in my heart. I remember making my name in-game tEAm4za because it gave you 900,000,000 credits so I would go ham customizing every car :)

KionicWarlord2222238d ago

Ten years of Awesomeness. Bring on Forza 6 and ten years more.

Stay RIPPED Dan Greenwalt

Hail Xbox Hydra.

crazychris41242238d ago

Been a fun 10 years.

For Forza 6 were gonna need:
-Alot more cars and tracks from the start
-More customization options but still grounded in reality (no spinners or neon underglow lights)
-Dynamic weather
-Day/Night cycle
-Better physical/performance damage from crashes (bumpers, doors, wheels flying off, engine catching fire, fluids leaking onto track)
-Endurance racing and pit stops
- much much more to make this the best Forza ever

KiwiViper852238d ago

I think if theres Day/Night, there should be neons.

LifeInNZ2238d ago

All that plus time trials (for those who want it) to determine your place on the starting grid!

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