Most Anticipated Xbox One Games Coming in May 2015

The Game Druid takes a look at Xbox One releasing in May 2015. While the Xbox One console has several great games coming out in May 2015, sadly there are no console exclusives. Still, it's an interesting line up of games that shouldn't leave any Xbox One gamer disappointed.

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ScorpiusX1265d ago

Am okay not feeling disappointed at all , look forward to all games on Xbox one .

gamedruid1265d ago

yeah, not a big deal at all. Great games lined up. The good part is there's a greater line up coming through the rest of the year.

Xbox One gamers should be very excited.

RaTaTaT1265d ago

Witcher 3 and the last of the evil within DLC. I still got to finish more of my back catalog before the 18th. It's gonna be a good may.

Unreal011265d ago

These are all multiplatform are they not?

Rookie_Monster1265d ago

And your point? SO Multiplatform games are not games XB1 gamers can enjoy?

Fro_xoxo1265d ago

Yeah, you're right. It has to be exclusive otherwise it isn't worthy of being played /s. ^_^.

Sarah_Ch1265d ago

In my situation yes, since I own both console I'd go with ps4 for multi platform games and letting X1 for exclusives and some multiplayer games. I bet you'll do the same

poor_cus_of_games1265d ago

Bit of a bland list. Thankfully I've got both systems.

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