The Last Of Us Refuses To Be Left Behind

Naughty Dog hit the jackpot in the past with the title “The Last of Us” which redefined how gamers viewed the zombie genre, and brought it to a level where even emotionality and the human element were relevant to the storyline in a believable and melancholic way.

This is good, however, it begs the question: Should Naughty Dog continue to deliver add-ons for The Last of Us instead of focusing on a new title?

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WickedLester1262d ago

The Last of US: Left Behind is an amazing side story and absolutely deserves it's own release. In some ways, I actually think it's better than the main game, which is saying a LOT.

DanteVFenris6661262d ago

Umm last of us was a new ip?

SpinalRemains1381262d ago

Yes, was.

New IP means never been done before.

That is what we now want.