Sony's Playstation 3 is back on track

TheStreet reports on their industry view of Sony and other industry players in this article about Sony's strategy and the results shown in the latest NPD numbers:

"Sony's latest PlayStation 3 console has stretched its lead over rival Microsoft's Xbox 360 last month, though it still lags behind Nintendo's Wii system, according to industry research firm The NPD Group.

Sony sold 405,500 PS3s, compared to 219,800 Xbox 360s but still has a long way to go before it catches up with the Wii, which sold 666,700 systems last month."

"Sony stumbled when it launched the expensive PS3 console a year-and-a-half ago and trailed its competitors for months. That's in contrast to its position as the clear market leader with the older PlayStation 2 console."

Click the link to read details of TheStreet's take on Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and leading industry software developers.

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PoSTedUP5751d ago (Edited 5751d ago )

ah.. yes...

Odiah5750d ago (Edited 5750d ago )

But wouldn't they
have to be on some kind of track first?

Just playin' =P

ShinMaster5751d ago

Trophies are better than "achievements".


Because there's actual difficulty levels between them:
Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Also, gamers can level up through them. Which is really cool.

Hydrolex5751d ago (Edited 5751d ago )

PS3 wins the console war and what I mean is

-Exclusive games

there are more.

PS3 officialy won the QUALITY console war. So basically out of 3 consoles, PS3 is the best choice.

Wii won the sales war. Xbox 360 won the failure rate war LMAO

ThatCanadianGuy5751d ago (Edited 5751d ago )

Failure rate war LOL!

Edit:Snuka's here.The king of all hypocrits.

Werent you one of the many 360 fanboys dissing MGS4 24/7?
Now there's bullsh!t articles going around about it.and all of a sudden you cant wait for it eh? that's called being a hypocrit.

Same thing about FF13 if i were to ask you a month ago if you'd want it on 360,you'd say nope,i dont like rpg sh!t.Now you embrace it

Thats called being a hypocrit.

Beside's an RPG levling system based on four different types of trophy's you earn,ranging from differnt difficulties.

Beats virtual numbers on a gamercard anyday.

And how is PSN video store watered down? you can download movies on SD or HD.as far as i know you cant do that on 360,and blu-ray is the highest deffinition for visual entertainment you can get,with crisp and clear audio.

And MGO online is fantastic,one of the best online game's i've played.
Thanks for asking!

Snukadaman5751d ago

Now all of a sudden you change your tune when you have something similar..fu*king hypocrites to the fullest...whats next...you get a watered down version of xbox lives video store and you now some of you insist its on par with xbox live..hahahahahah...hows that MGO going...I hear its boring as hell.

Hydrolex5751d ago

Trophies are crap too.

What's the point of collecting 1000000 achivements ? I play video games to enjoy.

Having 10000000 achivements and having nothing in real life = FAIL

pwnsause5751d ago (Edited 5751d ago )

"hows that MGO going...I hear its boring as hell."

-really? were did you heard about this? you should give MGO a try, oh wait, you dont have a PS3, my bad...

this is coming from a guy who wants MGS4 on his RROD system Folks.

Hydrolex5751d ago

ShinGino was a Ps3 basher but after his Xbox 360 died and he bought a PS3, now he knows what are PS3 fans trying to tell to 360 fans.

Mr Fancy Pants5751d ago

Achievements are crap, trophies are cool. Even cooler than medals!
trophies has levels.

but here we comes MS again copying the competition...

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soul899er5751d ago

xD of course! I <3 U SONY! just give me some Heavy Rain footage, some MAG, and FFVII Remake and i will make a devotion to u lol, god i love that company.

Zeevious5751d ago

seen by everyone was under specific Non-Disclosure Agreements...

and I wouldn't be surprised if someone was keeping track of where everyone stood so if a video did somehow get leaked, the angle of the screen would tell them who leaked it.

Think NDA security meets Triangulation & your attorneys.


ps3fosho5751d ago

no really come on it has been on track senses they outsold the 360 in 07 haha

Fanboy Slaughter5751d ago

I don't really see Sony catching up in this gen for a WHILE. Especially since plans for the 80GB replacing the 40 with YET AGAIN no BC, which I still say is ridiculous considering that The PS2 still has at least 2 years of life left in it. Ah well, still glad I shelled out the $600 for my 60GB (now 320GB). Around here especially, old school 60 and 20's are still going for $600+ just because of the BC.

When 2011-2013 come around, Sony better fix the whole multi-SKU issue, because the wounds from it are just now starting to heal.

PoSTedUP5751d ago (Edited 5751d ago )

sony wants people to pay more attention to the ps3 and they are doing it with more memory for the video store thats why they have taken out the BC. im sure this holidays bundle or bundles will have BC. the MGS4 bundle will be around till sept. and thats when the 80gig no BC comes out. and it will be out for three months until they bring out another bundle with BC i guessing. if not, o well. and when people start talking about HOME, it will be another pandemic like MySpace, watch. i see sony catching up this gen soon, but not that soon.

StayHigh5751d ago (Edited 5751d ago )

I am sure u can get a slim PS2.And you guys only brought it upon yourself for whining how expensive the ps3 is so they have to take off some features..If you want the best out the PS3 be prepared to pay MORE for it..

80GB for 399 is awesoome deal!!