GTA and GTA 2 Coming to PlayStation 3, Possibly Releasing Next Week

If you've never experienced the top-down crime-spree games of the past (shame on you,) then there's a chance you'll be able to take a trip to the past with the original Grand Theft Auto and its popular sequel, Grand Theft Auto 2.

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slinky1234561267d ago

These ones were great. I remember just playing them and never really progressing through the game. I put many hours in it too.

chrish19901267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Lol, same here. I was just a wee lad back then and didn't understand the missions, goals, story etc, was basically just a bigger version of the classic road map carpet, but with guns and murder...

Ultr1267d ago

Oh yes. I especially liked the mission where you were given a whole gang. They would enter your limousine and you had to go kill some people. I always tried again so that nobody of my gangmember died but it was impossible. I judt wanted to roam the city with my gang :(

oasdada1267d ago

i remember the first i played.. my brother's friend installed it on our pc and none of us had an idea what it was until we played it.. ahhh the good ol days

Shineon1267d ago

Lol I remember that too I had gta 2 9n Sega Dreamcast I use to mod the vehicles and blow a lot of shit up!

nidhogg1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Yeah it's good if it's coming to the Vita too. I wanna play this on le go.

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N4Gguy11267d ago

How about a ps4 version?

-Foxtrot1267d ago

PS3....they are kidding.....right?

Hey why don't they start focusing on the PS4 now. I mean why don't they get all the PS1/PS2 classics they've released onto the PS4 store.

You know for those who don't want to wait for PS Now and won't get it anyway since their internet connection is shit

-Foxtrot1267d ago

No. I had to sell it to get money to go towards a PS4.

Besides even if I did why would I want to buy these games on the PS3 when we are a little bit into the PS4s life cycle.

InTheZoneAC1267d ago

because they're not on ps4?

several people still have ps3's mainly due to enormous backlog of ps+ games, those people probably still enjoy the ps3 as much as their ps4

1267d ago
N0TaB0T1267d ago

The PS3 still has years of support ahead.

USMC_POLICE1267d ago

Same reason they just did a Star Wars bundle and most of the games won't even play on the vita.

_-EDMIX-_1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

....who says they won't? Can't they do both? Have you not factored that more PS3's exist then PS4's? Ooooooor did you not forget Rockstar Is a business too? They don't just make games for fun.

Yes....80 million is a bigger number then 22 million. Craziest thing..

@InTheZoneAC- Agreed. I have a HUGE backlog on PS3 that I'm currently on.

replaying LA Noire, finishing RDR, just finished Walking Dead Season 2, recently finished RE-Revelations, playing Persona 3 and will start 4 when I'm done. I'm sorry but its just soooooo many games and COUNTING!

Just because that gen is done, doesn't mean everyone played every last game from that gen.

I got PS4 DAY 1 and I own many, many games for it, only a small few of those games are actually "next gen" ie I could ONLY play on PS4, funny that my most played games (BF4 over 200 hours!) is a game I could have played on PS3 if I really needed to or PC at lower quality.

I'm sorry but I 100% get why folks still use their PS3's and 360.

Both KH collection, Dead Island, Arkham Asylum and City, Borderlands 2, Deus Ex HR is going to get a play through by me.

I can't even say I'll stop their.

I'll still play Witcher 3 and Batman Arkham Knight...but come on, look at that back log lol. I just don't buy when I hear folks say they play PS4 or XONE more, clearly they must have been the few that played every last game last gen lol

It will be years and years before I'm playing my PS4 more. At least 2 years before that even comes close to happening. Thats not a bad thing either, same was for the PS2, I clearly still played God Of War 2 in 2007 and I played many other games deep into 2009 and through out most of the PS3's gen I played many PS2 games either again or for the first time.

All the great sequels releasing are all very much getting me to play through those backlogs.

How can one get excited about those new games if they haven't played the first ones?

Got my PS4 and PS3 plugged in and I'm loving it. I couldn't live with JUST a PS4 lol, love BF4, but I still got games to complete on PS3. The gen may be done, but I'm not.

Antifan1267d ago

Because Sony wants you to pay for it on PSNow. PSnow isn't even worth it if you have a PS3.

kingPoS1266d ago

The ps4 doesn't play ps1 games right now, so that leave's the ps3 & vita for Sony to release them on.

Gateway MT6706 2008

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blackblades1267d ago

GTA2 was my 1st GTA game still got it on pc.

Agent_00_Revan1267d ago

Me too. I played the heck out of gta2. I was like 12. I actually played a lot of the missions and got decently far. Put so SO many hours were just causing havoc and blowing stuff up.

gangsta_red1267d ago

I remember playing GTA 1 and couldn't believe what was going on in the game. I still remember my friends and I playing it and a side mission scrolled at the bottom of the screen saying that someone's wife was cheating on them and for you to go kill the b**ch.

We were all cracking up! yes...I blame scoiety.

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