D4 for PC Gets Screenshots, Hardware Requirements &More; Xbox One Version Downloaded 1,300,000 Times

Today D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die developer Access Games sent in a press release with nice batch of screenshots and details of the PC version of the former Xbox One exclusive.

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DemonChicken1267d ago

Expected to be downloaded a lot due to GwG

jackanderson19851267d ago

i'm honestly surprised it wasn't downloaded alot more considering it was a free game. i know people have tastes but it's free why not just download it or even "buy" it and keep it in the account permanently

nicksetzer11267d ago

I played it, and I liked it a lot. I am not too worried about sales numbers, they seem solid enough to justify a sequel (after the season is complete) if swery intended to do so.

I just the next episode already!!

cleft51267d ago

I am glad this game is getting a PC release. It was weird and fantastic on the Xbox One. Sadly, the game never really got that push it deserved, marketing wise. I know this game was suppose to be episodic, but at its current rate I am not sure it would receive its follow up episodes. I think the nature of this game is something that appeals to a lot of people and with a PC release it has a chance at being truly successful.

christocolus1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Nice. This game is amazing&i hope it's successful on PC. I can't wait to play the next episode.

Sarah_Ch1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

Is this game worth it? I played the demo on Xbox one didn't like it tho. Kinda silly but it was way short to judge the game

Neoninja1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I found the game to be a lot of fun, and the storytelling while quirky I found to be really good. Characters are out there, but that's to be expected from something by Swery. It has a good mystery element to it and you'll want to know who this "D" fella is. Having said that, I think the demo didn't do justice for full game. The game is much better than I was expecting and it kept my interest from start to finish. Now everyone is different, but I think it's worth a shot.

maybelovehate1267d ago

I bought this on the day it released, but I still haven't played it. I want to, just have so many games piling up.

RaTaTaT1267d ago

One of my favs from last year. Putting it on GWG and on PC I'm down with. Whatever it takes to get season 2 out.

umair_s511267d ago

I played the demo and it definitely caught my attention, will likely pick it up this summer