Shadowrun Chronicles Update Unveiled

Shadowrun Chronicles just got an update to fix bugs and improve lag times. Plus, watch the devs taking on their own game!

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spicelicka1318d ago

Anyone miss that FPS Shadowrun game that was cross platfrom between xbox 360 and PC? I still play the demo of that game, it's so much fun! I really wished they made a sequel.

Farmassy1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

I came in here to say the same thing. That game was amazing. If your a hardcore shadowrun fan expecting a shadowrun game you probably won't enjoy it. But if you want to play one of the best fps ever made you should pick it up. It was an extremely underrated game. It is completely different than all of the standard fps games with the same worn out mechanics that there are today

spicelicka1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Exactly! It had a really cool progression system, where you earned money per round to upgrade to better weapons and abilities in later rounds, and it all reset at the end of the match. I found that to be really interesting because people weren't trying to do challenges to unlock new things. Everyone started the game equally.

My favourite was the teleportation ability, very useful to escape out of a losing firefight.