Top 5 Games in May 2015 That You Need To Play

What's worth looking forward to in May? Find out here.

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Toiletsteak1359d ago

Project Cars and The WItcher 3 are my must haves but, i have plenty of other games i need to complete so i might have to wait to play those.

FrostXVenom1359d ago

First kill Nazis then race to the world of witcher and hunt monsters.

Dagexon1359d ago

Either way you're gonna be killing monsters

MilkMan1359d ago

The Witcher 3 is going to be dope son, point blank that's all there is need to be said.
Project Cars looks like every other racing game Ive seen out there. I have Driveclub (with about a lifetime's worth of content) and Forza Horizon 2, so exactly what does Project Cars (I hate that name) bring to the table.
and of-course I'm playing The Old Blood, New Order was dope and I expect no less from the Old Blood.

Fallen861359d ago

I only need one game! THE WITCHER!!!!