Excamedia Academy Presents on Greenlight: NANOS, Brick Breaking Multiplayer-Madness

Excamedia Academy's trials and tribulations towards Greenlight with their first big game Nanos.

What is Excamedia Academy?
Excamedia Academy gives students the chance to see how a game is developed, from beginning to end. This way, they are far better prepared when they end their study and start their own company. To make sure most projects can be finished, we are aiming for mid-sized games like Bomberman, Geometry Wars, Zen Pinball and other arcade-like games.

What is Nanos?
Nanos is the new revolution in the brick-breaking genre. You've probably played these hundreds of times: you break tons of bricks by shooting balls with a pad. Nanos is meant to be much more. It has the basis of classics Arkanoid and Breakout, with a touch of Pong. The biggest but most obvious twist is that Nanos can be played with up to four players.

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