Totalgaming Overlord: Raising Hell Review

Codemasters gives you the chance to become evil Overlord of the world, by any means necessary.

Although this title has been out a while on other formats, Codemasters have decided to release it on PS3 with the Raising Hell add on already integrated. And although the theme is evil, its decidedly good fun.

Here's the scene: you have been given the task of rebuilding the evil dominion and taking revenge on the heroes who destroyed both your predecessor and his hold over the populace. Now, this game contains halflings, elves, dwarves, hordes of evil minions and the rebuilding of a huge tower from which to base your nefarious campaign. The character you play is a faceless, iron-masked Overlord. All sound familiar? It may well do, but despite the hefty sounding theme, it is all handled without the weighty epic nature of other fantasy worlds. This is instead approached in a lighthearted way, with silly humour abound and a unique approach to evil-doing.

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