Alan Wake Confirmed For TGS

An official Microsoft promotion page for Windows Vista has revealed that Alan Wake will be present at the 2008 Tokyo Game Show.

"To celebrate the launch of their new operating system, Microsoft is offering one lucky winner the opportunity to be digitally made-over and inserted (virtually of course) into a blockbuster game! Simply watch the Vista gaming demo and you could appear in the latest Remedy blockbuster, Alan Wake, a psychological action thriller with an intense cinematic look. Let the games begin with a trip to Finland to be digitally mastered into Alan Wake's world, then jet off to Tokyo to the 2008 Tokyo Games Show to be on the scene and on the screen!"

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morganfell3743d ago

Yeah, show that game in Tokyo where it will really matter for you MS...

pwnsause3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

ROFL, MS is dumb as usual at least we know that the game does exist

t-0_ot-3743d ago

@morganfell - Did it occur to you that maybe Alan Wake wasn't ready for a presentation at E3, so they are going to show it off during TGS? It doesn't really matter where they show the game.. EVERYBODY will see it, regardless.

Pain3743d ago

And in case the bots cant read it say "Games for Windows' so Please stop with the Xbox 2 Killer game crap...

1, its a Windows games ported down to inferior PC hardware called Xbox PC>>>RROD2's
2.I wouldn't put it past M$ to make this Snooze fest tech demo as a Launch Game on Xbox 3 in o9/10.

Kleptic3743d ago

wasn't this 'confirmed' for E3 though too?...I thought a few sources had it as a definite for this past no avail...

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Chad Warden3744d ago

Japanese people aren't interested in this kind of stuff lol. Wtf?

iamtehpwn3744d ago

moar liek
Kill their sales =]

mikeslemonade3744d ago

They'd be interested if it was a survival horror in Japan, but this game takes place in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S.

If you ask a Japanese where is Seattle they'd be like "SEE-WAH!?"

jaysquared3744d ago

Japanese people know where Seattle is because Ichiro Suzuki plays for the Mariners!

UnSelf3743d ago

Alan Wake's been sleep for quite a while now

Bnet3433743d ago

Uhh .. actually the majority of Japanese people in the US live in Seattle. Ichiro is getting traded BTW.

me_p3743d ago

Check this guys, its old news from MARCH 2007

truth for gamers3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

Chad Warden loves to do pullups hanging from sony's [email protected]

Is E3 only for america? the answer is NO, press from all over the world go to E3, the same applies for TGS.

BenzMoney3743d ago

The only things Japanese people care about is spikey-haired, metrosexual, pedophile protagonists with girly voices and horrible dialogue. Well, that or dating simulators because they're too sad to have a real life and a real girlfriend (like the majority of N4G).

xhairs93743d ago

Benz, you have more than the average 5 bubbles. Does that mean you have no life? Interesting. You aren't asian, you don't know what asian's prefer, lets leave it at that.

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Real gamer 4 life3744d ago

I am afraid that i have never heard of this game. Is it soppust to be really good?

Chad Warden3744d ago

Eh it's from the makers of Max Payne. They make good games but not AAA games.

ozsman3744d ago

Way back when.....They talked about using the 360s hardware differently on this game. Its looking like another AAA game.....if the bloody thing ever comes out.

kewlkat0073743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

nasim's cousin fo sho..

What's all the fuss with japanese gamers, I wonder what Sony's will be showing..besides the biggest Jrpg ff13, sony better have some JRPG's and none of that resistance KZ2 stuff...

We all know japanese are not into them games...

Oh you bet MS will be showcasing it's JRPG's regardless... a good amount say.

masterg3743d ago

@Chad Warden

Com on Chad.
Max Payne was absolutely AAA.
And Alan Wake is looking awesome. Of course we have only seen it on PC, so we don't really know how good it will look on 360.

Gears 2 and Alan Wake are the only two games that have kept my 360 alive.

BTW when is TGS?

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DarkSniper3744d ago

Alan Wake will be standing by it's lonesome as Japanese gamers and other regions have lost complete interest with this bland title. With Remedy being the developers of the mediocre Max Payne series and Xbox 360 development, it's imminent that this game is on a one way trip to disaster.


PenisaurisDix3744d ago (Edited 3744d ago )

It scored 89% on metacrtic.

And hey, it had Bullet Time :)

morganfell3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

And we all know that Metacritic, composed of scores from critics we all love and respect is the decider on a game's greatness.

Look at least two people are so brain dead they think a critic should tell them what to like. Any disagrees on that fact is admitting you are a sheep. Ha ha. Too stupid to realize that you are really commenting on your own inability to form your own ideas.

Grown Folks Talk3743d ago

Only when it justifies ones position.

Silogon3743d ago

Meta and Gameranking scores are insignifigant. They allow 80 reviews for 1 game and 60 for another and 100 for another and 70 for another.

How can you factor a correct % and set bar standard from those varied and inconsistent figures?

You can't.

Gears of war had 86 reviews allowed
Uncharted had 64 allowed

Seems fair to me.

morganfell3743d ago

I know. I have remarked on it before here though. The only critic worth trusting is either someone you really know well - not some clown from a friends list but a really close friend - or the best critic which is yourself.

I have liked several games that didn't get great scores and there were other titles I did not care for that everyone crows about. Yes I still like plenty of the big mainstream games but the bottom line is for me, I am the best critic.

I am smart enough to pick games I know I will like - it's why I have 19 PS3 titles reserved at Gamestop ha ha. If I have serious doubts about a game I either rent it or just wait until it is dirt cheap. I have more games than I can play now.

Grown Folks Talk3743d ago

I don't know why people treat video games as if they are different from movies, music, food, ect. People have different tastes in things. I think GTA is boring & repetitive, but millions of people love it. I've been playing 2k sports since Dreamcast, but millions still jock Madden & Live. I wonder if anyone can tell me what Combat, Pitfall, Asteroids, Mario Bros, Berserk, & Missile Command on the Atari 2600 scored.

t-0_ot-3743d ago (Edited 3743d ago )

@Silogon - It doesn't really matter if a game has a different amount of reviews.. If a game is good, according to the critics, the game with the least amount of reviews will usually appear better..

And, if you want to look at games then look at the reviews for yourself..

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Lelouch V Brit3744d ago

Stupid Microsoft Japanese Gamers Don't Care About Xbox 360.

P.S Xbox 360 Proud Owner

sticky doja3743d ago

You can't say MS doesn't try. E for effort Microsoft....E for effort.