5 Villains We Want in Dissidia 2015

5 Villains We Want In Dissidia 2015 - A Pixelated View
Square Enix have announced a brand new Dissidia Game. So A Pixelated View puts forward some suggestions for villains we'd like to see fighting for Chaos.

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ZaWarudo1267d ago

Caius is a good pick. Say what you want about the XIII trilogy, but Caius was an entertaining villain, not to mention Liam O'brien's voice fits the character perfectly.

I would include the Turks (Reno, Rude, Tseng, Elena) as one character attacking like a team or something. It would be interesting.

Other villains i would pick: Seymour, Seifer, Doctor Cid.

Eiyuuou1266d ago

Imagine Kain and Caius meeting each other...

DonkeyDoner1266d ago

how the hell beatrix a villain??