Black Ops 3’s Weapon Customization System Explained

New details regarding Black Ops 3's weapon customization system have been revealed. This article explains the entire system, step-by-step, including the Gunsmith, Paint Job, and Pick 10 sections.

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caseh1364d ago

And so begins the 6 months of generic Blackops # "Insert details that most people genuinely couldn't give a toss about" articles

Alduin1363d ago

Some people wanna know, others don't. If you don't... don't click the link to read the article? Rather simple, really.

UKmilitia1363d ago

"where you can make custom skins for your guns"

how long until someone has a penis painted on end of there gun or something haha.
gotta love the paint community in games that allow it.
forza was awesome for it and by going of some of the emblems i see in AW and hardline etc then i expect some fun designs on the guns.

Alduin1363d ago

We will definitely see some awesome artwork. And then there will be plenty of dicks, va jay jays, blunts, pot leaves, and more too. Plus the occasional "you suck, [email protected]" tagline on the side.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1363d ago

Just wish we could record what it sounds like so I can do this