Vanishing of Ethan Carter Developer Criticizes Microsoft’s Indie Program

"The Developer of Ethan Carter, Adrian Chmielarz, has gone out and criticized the indie program from Microsoft. The indie program has been criticized for being closed and demanding fees from small developers to just be in the program. " - Dennis Mrozek

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4Sh0w1361d ago (Edited 1361d ago )

Yeah, I believe this guy really wants to get his game on X1 with the ps4 version about done. It's old news from this same guy saying the same thing even before he released Vanishing of Ethan Carter on PC last year. Unless I'm mistaken I believe I read that Microsoft has since softened their parity clause so any game can come to X1 even after a ps4 release, they just wont give free kits and dev support I think.
Edit, yep here it is:

KiwiViper851361d ago

Just shows he hasn't been in contact with Microsoft for a while...

r2oB1360d ago

If Microsoft has no parity clause, or if it's as simple as "talking to them" to circumvent the clause, then why have it in the first place? They said it's not for quality control, so what's it for, just for the developer to initiate communication? Clearly something is not working if there are a lot of indie developers not planning on bringing their games to Xbox One. If Microsoft wants more indie games on their platform, then something needs to change. Whether is getting rid of the clause or making it more transparent. This "come and talk to us" approach doesn't seem to be working well, so maybe it's time for them to take the initiative.

freshslicepizza1360d ago

they don't want the xbox one to be a cesspool of games that come out later on. they know most sales are front loaded. sony also has a policy at least they did on the ps3 that made developers add extra content because sony also knows the importance of getting games released at the same time, not later.

what this guy is saying is it's ok for big titles to do that but not for indie games. which makes me think that these indie developers don't want to make extra content or exclusive content and would rather just have an easy port.

microsoft is also known for only caring about known titles, they could care less about some indie game that probably won't sell very well especially an older title already released on a competitors platform. i think this policy is not serving microsoft well because the ps4 is already outselling it 2-1, so why would you also turn away more support even if it's small games? developers are naturally going to flock to the most popular system first most of the time.

r2oB1360d ago

@ moldybread

I don't think it's as big a deal for an indie to be released later on a platform compared to a retail game. Think about it. Retail games that release later have to justify the $60 price point, and it's harder to do that when the game is older and more likely cheaper on the competitors platform. So one way to justify the price is to add more content, which makes sense. Most indie games are $10 to $15, which is an easier price point to justify for a game released later. Plus indie developers barely have enough resources (I.e. Time and money) to release the game at the same time. It seems a bit unreasonable to expect them to release the game on an additional platform while covering all the expenses themselves of porting it, plus the additional resources required to make additional content. They may not be able to afford making the additional content, or it may not be cost effective for them to do so (they may have to use the revenue to fund their next projects, not use it for additional content for an already finished project). Microsoft should just allow them to port the game later (these are indie games, not AAA, they are not going to make or break the console... Just the icing on the cake), or help them with the additional content (whether it's with money, or man power, or whatever).

freshslicepizza1360d ago


i agree on your points but it is in microsofts best interest to not have games released later on. one way they are trying to do that is offer free dev kits.

the main concern to them are the indie games getting attention like no mans sky. sony was smart getting on this early and tying up a timed exclusive deal. microsoft is doing the same with the new game from the makers of limbo. so as we can see indie titles are now the new frontier for battle wars of exclusive partnerships.

one direction i would go (they might already be doing this) is advertise the new cross-platform features windows 10 enbales. ethan carter is a pc game too and porting to the xbox one is supposed to be very easy. it took them only one day to port shovel knight to the xbox one. what we will see are more pc to xbox one games. you will also see buy one on windows store and be able to play on both advertised as well.

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donthate1360d ago

A tactic of these indie devs is to stir up controversy and put themselves right in the middle for some free PR. This isn't the first time Adrian Chmielarz has done that!

I buy very few indies, and most of the ones I buy aren't really indies. Indies today are more like AAA games of last generation.

3-4-51360d ago

What a lying sack of dirt.

He basically just bragged to everyone in the industry that he is out of touch with Microsoft's policy's and he's just trying to get attention for his game.

Leave the video games industry please.

Dlacy13g1360d ago

After reading his comments..I have little sympathy for this dev.

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MilkMan1360d ago

This guys aren't new to MS policies. They are the old devs from People Can Fly. I think they know a thing or two about MS indie policies.
I heard about the softening their policies, but even after that wasn't their a dev that complained again? I cant recall.

ScorpiusX1360d ago

Blah blah then take your crap game and vanish as you pound sand Chmielarz.

Haseo1061360d ago

Bring them to the PS4. SONY welcomes all developers!

Kingscorpion19811360d ago

Sony has the best current policy, as indie companies can self publish. The only thing they need to go through is quality control. Nintendo i am unsure about

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