'Black Ops 3' director talks new multiplayer: 'Multiplayer is actually easier'

Black Ops 3 Multiplayer Director Dan Bunting explained the game's multiplayer and its ease of access.

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r3f1cul1319d ago

yea because when i think of cod, i think of that giant skill gap that makes it so hard for everyone to play... cough cough sarcasm to the extreme... gtfo here, they have dumbed cod down so much im surprised it doesnt play itself nowadays :/

Loadedklip1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

I disagree.

While I don't like Advance Warfare ... the addition of the boost jumping/dashing mechanics actually added a bigger gap to overcome skill wise and even technology wise.

By Technology, I mean you had to have a keyboard/mouse adapter or a scuff controller so that you can easily jump and aim at the same time (prior to PS4's update that allows button changes for the overall console). Unless you use the awkward "claw grip" ... it is impossible to jump and shoot at the exact same time with a normal grip on the standard pad. (again, prior to PS4 update that allows a workaround that a lot of people don't know about)

Yes ... you can still have a good K/D with a normal controller against randoms in public matches ... but you would be much much much better with a scuff or keyboard/mouse controller. Therefore the newest game has a gap in technology.

Call of Duty 4 was a skillful yet simple game.

Now they actually made it too complex control wise, perk wise, attachment wise etc etc for newbies.

Aiming with advance movement with more stuff to worry about is harder than aiming with normal movement and less stuff to worry about.

PS ... I am not praising Advance Warfare. I personally prefer the older entries MW2, Blops 1, MW3 but Advance Warfare is objectively technically harder to master.

BattleAxe1318d ago

I still camp with ease.

Loadedklip1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

So many disagrees yet no constructive counter argument against my points. Not shocked.

The-Marb1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

I agree. The series reached a peak with MW3 where the punishing learning curve became off-putting. Games are meant to be fun and whilst some CoD-heads may love this about the game, it can be a little frustrating for a casual.

Unlike more objective based games which allow you contribute just as much to point scoring even if you not the greatest shot, CoDs weighting towards TDM/KDR means if you are not much cop you are just meat for the grinder.

As a middling-player playing with a group of guys of different abilities, I see how frustrating it can be having a 7 second life span.

In all honesty if you play Advanced Warfare, then play Titanfall you see how a great balance can be achieved that doesn't rule out players of a lower ability.

Yes the grunts are dumb but they are also worth a lot less points and killing pilots/titans is essential to winning. As a result Titanfall has a fun factor for a mixed range group that CoD no longer has, with more even competition and close finishes.

Therefore any way which they can make future CoD games more accessible is to be welcomed.

IMO of course.

Darkwatchman1319d ago

Call of duty has never had a punishing difficulty curve. You must suck at shooters in general to think it was ever punishing. Ever since the first modern warfare, it's always been about who has the better gun and/or who sees who first. It's just like a guaranteed kill when you shoot first basically because of the fast pace and extremely low time to kill. Call of Duty is easy. It's the easiest online shooter ever. That's why the series has reached such mainstream popularity to the point that even fake girl gamers love it. Fake girl gamers that don't play video games love call of duty because they can get kills so easily without having much experience with video games. Call of duty has 0 difficulty.

The-Marb1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Youre right...I don't agree so automatically I must suck. (Just ignore my comments bout me being a middling player, based on leaderboards, etc). Plus just throw in some casual sexist comment, that definitely backs up the point.

IMO As Call of Duty has changed more and more into a twitch shooter, which is focused on guns (like you say) and is heavily influenced by the quality of your internet connection, it has got less accessible to noobs and casuals.

I do agree its a popular game with range of players but I'd say the real reason call of Duty is popular isn't because its the easiest shooter, more that's its safe and easy to follow with simple objectives.

At the end of the day this is my opinion and as someone who used to play CoD for a few hours a day but gradually fell out of love with it (for above and other reasons), that just how I feel.

Darkwatchman1319d ago

It's not a sexist comment that I made. There are more men that play "core" video games than there are women that play "core" video games. There are studies that say stuff like 48% of gamers are actually girls", but those kinds of studies include grandmas that play candy crush once a week. That's not a "real" gamer. That's a casual gamer.

The reason call of duty is so popular is because it's such a casual game for casual gamers. A hardcore gamer can play casual games. I play casual games sometimes, but if casual games are all you play, then you are identified as a casual gamer. Casual games are casual because they're that. They're cssual. They're simple. They're easy to play. They're not hard. Call of Duty is the pinnacle of casual shooters. It's a casual game that takes no skill.

The-Marb1318d ago

Ok, fair enough, maybe next time just lead with 'Casual gamers' rather than 'fake girl gamers'. I know lots of casual gamers that are men.

I do agree that CoD has a superb and easy to pick up control system. That said the online match-matching is such that you can feel like the whipping boy if you aren't one of the better people playing it and end up against much high ranked /prestige players, and in a game which focuses so heavily on KDR.

As I said objective based games allow the people who are not quite as good to contribute more highly to team scoring, evening up the score table and making it more competitive. Titanfalls way of making things more competitive is the bots/Titans, which works a charm.

At any rate I think we are perhaps arguing at cross purposes so I will respectfully disagree.

WizzroSupreme1319d ago

More noobs all the time. Great, as if I didn't have enough twelve-year-olds breathing down my neck.

AstroCyborg1318d ago

& here i thought cod couldn't get easier my mistake