Uncharted Developer Confirms Trophies for Mid-August

A developer from Naughty Dog has confirmed in a forum post that, trophies will indeed becoming to Uncharted mid next month. He also sheds some light as to why trophies will not be retro-active.

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BigBaehr3749d ago

No retroactivity :( Damn had the game at 100 percent. All well.

Whoooop3749d ago

This is a game I don't mind completing all over again, even without trophies...

decapitator3749d ago

Great. I will be picking this up just in time for the trophies. Am still at level 0 and is about time I started leveling up.

jwatt3749d ago

Hopefully you guys will announce Uncharted 2 soon!

lsujester3749d ago

I'm a bit surprised they didn't already have this waiting for the firmware. Uncharted already has medals to earn, I would assume those medals would transfer to trophies easily enough.

Mc Fadge3749d ago

That they're similar in some ways, but very different in others. Not only that, but they have to test, and test, and test the unlocks to make sure there's ZERO errors.

meepmoopmeep3749d ago

awesome, awesome, awesome!

thank you ND!
can't wait to replay Uncharted for the umpteenth time!

jcgamer3749d ago

a 10/10 game just got even better...

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The story is too old to be commented.