Why I Play Games on Easy

TGR's Matt takes a look at his reasons for kicking off each gaming session on the Easy setting.

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Sureshot1271d ago

I always start on medium/normal.. Easy mode isn't how the game would have been designed and tested for.

4Scarrs_Gaming1270d ago

I agree, medium/normal is where I start. Easy is just too easy :) You dont get the same experience, that you would when playing it on medium/normal.

EeJLP-1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Hardest for me unless I'm running through some trophies. Easy is for small children and casual/non-gamers. If you're playing on easy, you might as well just watch somebody else play. Obviously besides the experience of you controlling the action, there's usually very little challenge and therefore little to no sense of accomplishment.

I would always wonder why one of my friends back in the day would rent/buy a game and run through it on easy. He'd finish in hours, or just a couple sessions and I always thought it was a ridiculous waste of time and money unless you like spending $60 to watch an interactive movie, because that's pretty much what it comes down to when you're just going through the motions with little resistance or consequences.

Bimkoblerutso1270d ago

I find myself playing on easy for games that I don't particularly like, but that still have a semi-interesting story.

I won't mention which ones I've done this for, for fear of the flames, haha.

Clogmaster1270d ago

For games like DMC where the harder difficulties unlock more boss attack patterns, etc. I feel like you can really miss out.

To fight Nelo/Vergil without seeing his phantom swords makes the fight feel incomplete.

Whirlwind_Fanfare_081271d ago

Because you suck ***! jk jk. Seriously though, i hate playing games on easy, makes it unchallenging and boring imo.

Neonridr1270d ago

I play on normal by default.

I usually only play on the difficult setting when I am chasing a trophy.

weirdo1270d ago

hardest setting for me. enjoyed akunu mode on evil within

Bathyj1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Normal for me. I feel that's what the game was designed for and has the best balance.

Too many games make the enemies bullet sponges and do extra damage. Suddenly a burst shot to the chest has to be half a clip and a headshot doesn't kill with one round and it throws the game right off.

If you want to make a game harder make the AI smarter or at least up the enemy count. Don't do cheap adjustments to the damage system.

I'll only play hard on a second play through.

EeJLP-1270d ago

Some games are a cheap form of hard, but good ones force you to learn and use all gameplay mechanics. On easy and sometimes normal you can just run through everything, never take cover, never play defense, never learn combos, fly past everyone with ease in racing games, etc.

On the hardest difficulties you need to gas brake turn draft, etc. properly in a racing game, use stealth and cover, attack from range or flank enemies, master combos blocking parrying, etc.

Hardest = challenging = forced to master the gameplay mechanics = accomplishment. Anything less is just entertainment.

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The story is too old to be commented.