Break Down - Ash Lambert: Another Guilty Hero

Brasel the Gamer of Gaming Rebellion writes: Ash Lambert was one of those characters introduced during that time in the late 90s where game companies were pretty used to putting forth much more effort into their storytelling. Konami released Vandal Hearts in October of 1996 in North America. The main protagonist was, as you guessed it, Ash Lambert. He’s the leader of a small platoon of soldiers for the Ishtarian Security Force. As the main character of a fantasy game in the late 90s, he’s about what you’d expect. He’s a natural leader, intelligent, skilled, compassionate, is mostly level headed, and has a sense of duty and justice. Despite these desirable qualities in a leader, he is haunted by the fact that his father was labeled a traitor and the guilt he’s built up throughout the years due to his father’s actions.

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