Black Ops 3 – No More Panic Knifing, New ADS Mechanics, New Scorestreaks, & More

MP1st - New gameplay details are pouring out that paint a better picture of the type of Call of Duty game Treyarch studios is making with Black Ops 3, revealed to audiences just two days ago.

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Relientk772287d ago

So glad the pick 10 system from Black Ops 2 is returning

Eck02286d ago

isnt it the same on ghosts and AW?

wakeNbake2287d ago

Good thing theyre having a beta, no way I was gonna blindly spend $65 this time.

chanceofoat2287d ago

Please can the next COD not be futuristic? Pleaseee

Kidmyst2286d ago

I'd like WW2 one again or even a WW1 or Vietnam one.

TrollsBringer2286d ago

As much as I hope so, that's not possible. People will cry about not enough airstrikes or weapons.

Kidmyst2285d ago

@TrollsBringer, you mean because they'd be forced to play with skill VS letting the choppers and airstrikes pad their kills? That was the good old days for me, fighting players with skills VS dodging AI crap.

Blues Cowboy2287d ago

"Treyarch Design Director David Vonderhaar stresses that, being this early in production, most, if not all of the information that has been gathered thus far is not final. “We are pre-pre Alpha,”"

Wait, hang on. You've been developing this for 3 years... right?


Still, I love the sound of all this and rate Treyarch as a great studio. Fingers crossed.

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