Heavy Rain Presented at E3 Confirmed

N'Gai Croal writes:

"Heavy Rain demo next. Alas, it is under NDA, so no identifying details will be tweeted."

"Heavy Rain wowed the crowd. Hate to be a tease, but we can't say more other than if you liked Indigo Prophecy, you'll *love* this."

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Relcom5063d ago (Edited 5063d ago )

Ohhhhh that is fuked up, what a tease!

Someone leak this now!

I am convinced now that this is the BBC guy's game he was talking about

Odonnus5063d ago

Didn't the BBC reporter say that it was a yet to be announced title though?

Chad Warden5063d ago

The game that was seen by the BBC reporter has never been announced. Heavy Rain was announced... in 2006. I'm guessing that "unannounced" game is Team Ico's next masterpiece.

Chris Bosh5063d ago

All they showed wuz a chik gone physco and stopped at the end cuz she wuz auditioning.

Fishy Fingers5063d ago (Edited 5063d ago )

LOTS of good information on Heavy Rain here >

Well a LOT for Heavy Rain any way.

chaosatom5063d ago (Edited 5063d ago )


Lionsguard5063d ago

The chick going psycho at the audtion has nothing to do with Heavy Rain they just made it to showcase the graphics power behind the game.

Expy5063d ago

The title the BBC reporter was talking about is probably still unannounced and under strict NDA. We'll probably learn more about it at the upcoming Leipzig Games Convention or Sony Gamer's Day.

meepmoopmeep5063d ago


i want more Heavy Rain for the public!!!

deeznuts5063d ago

Damn that's crazy. HEavy rain, we still don't know about. Unannounced BBC game (hope it wasn't MAG! 256 players and all) and the hits keep on coming.

decapitator5063d ago


gaffyh5063d ago

Apparently there were two games shown at this secret press conference. The first was Heavy Rain and the second was a secret unnanounced title.

Organic_Chemistry5062d ago

Indigo Prophecy (Farenheit) was an easy 10 out of 10. No other game like it, before you play Heavy Rain I highly suggest playing IP first!!! WOOOO HOOOOO

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Chad Warden5063d ago (Edited 5063d ago )

Damn. I hope they show it next month at Leipzig. Or someone should just leak the presentation.

CViper5063d ago

You aren't really Chad are you?

cLiCK_sLiCK95063d ago

This Chad seems smarter than YouTube Chad.....

Hellsvacancy5063d ago

u cant just "tease" sum1 like that, im really lookin 4ward 2this i loved Farenheit (indigo prophecy) it was great, i cant wait WOOT WOOT WOOT

Canidae5063d ago

Too bad it didn't get any screen time during the show, but its all good. Very excited to see what they do with this game.

JCITY5063d ago

bring out the big guns...gow3 was enough for me

Drekken5063d ago

Its funny... I believe E3 was overall so/so for Sony. But MS and NIN had bad showings. FFXIII is the only thing giving any excitement to MS's showing.

BUT yet, analysts are saying MS had the best showing... If so, Why is every single article about Sony and their games? Where is the MS hype?? Could it be because there is nothing to hype?