Black ops 3: David Vonderhaar Q&A new info.

David Vonderhaar, design director of Call of Duty: Black Ops III offered through his Twitter account a lot of details about the game.

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JuanLinares1271d ago

Please, Activision i want the game on 360!!

Peace_Love_and_FPS1270d ago

Its time developers left the old gen behind, it's hindering development of games.

I understand that you want it on the console you already have but developing for 5 platforms rather than 3 when PC makes it difficult enough already is inefficient and holds back progress. Games like Dying Light were only possible on the current generation systems and PC, so it's either have a mediocre CoD with barely anything new and awful graphics on last generation consoles because of the few features they were able to barely squeeze in, or innovate and revolutionize the game.

bennissimo1270d ago

lol The only way this game can live up to its potential is if the 360 and PS3 are left in the dust. It will have been two years since the launch of the current gen by the time BO3 is released. Time to move on.

angelysaras1271d ago

WoW: "Treyarch is focused on PC, Xbox One, and PS4. No announced have been made about other platforms"

Az1mov1270d ago

WoW: "Treyarchion are focusion on PC, Xboj One, and PSPoo4. No announcingzz having bueno mado about otheziz platformonz"

famoussasjohn1270d ago


Still no confirmation, but it's possibly going to be like any other game that comes out for old and current gen. other dev team works on the old gen while main dev works on current gen.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1270d ago

hope they have a lot more layers for emblem creator(i love emblem creator) i would hope for 200 layers but at least put 100 or something. they always put a low odd amount.

bennissimo1270d ago

Yup. Gotta have subsurface scattering for the smiley face felching emblems and 420 logos.

Klonoa-dreamtraveler1270d ago

if armored core can do a crap load of layers with no problems i don't see why it would be an issue here.


I remember the raging war on the blops 2 forums on the subject of lag compensation, those that believed in it and those that did not.

I generally I found with each game the lag comp as hotten worse and worse.

There are a lot of reasons I stopped playing COD but lag was about the biggest issue.

I think the worst part was them flatout saying there was no problem. which meant there was never any hope of it ever really being fixed.

What are the chances we will see exactly the same issues with this new game?

gamer91270d ago

I don’t know how this issue continues to linger. There should be a much larger uproar from the gaming crowd. We are too busy talking about graphics, time to start asking for a true game changer, legit dedicated servers, not this hybrid peer crap.


I think there are a new breed of Cod players who take it as the Norm and because they have not played some of the older games, they don't know the difference.

The last Cod I really got into playing was Blops 2 and I was really surprise with the number of people who played that who had never played COD4.

When I would talk about lag issues and compare it to COD4 they had no idea what I was talking about.

WizzroSupreme1270d ago

Wonder if the game stars another Mason family member...