'Elder Scrolls Online' director talks FPS and resolution on PS4 and Xbox One

From a superficial standpoint, two aspects of a game that people always want to know about is whether or not it will check in at 60 frames per second (fps) and if it will meet the benchmark of 1080p resolution. Game Director Matt Firor talked about where frame rate is checking in, in addition to bringing the game to consoles.

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Bigpappy1267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

"While the game is no longer a subscription-based experience, it still has to prove itself as a worthy investment, especially when you consider the competition of The Witcher 3, which launches a few weeks prior to it."

Nope: Completely different experiences: Online multiplayer vs offline single player. completes more with Neverwinter.

Also not sure why people would be expecting this online massive game to be 1080p/60fps on consoles, when even smaller off-line games don't.

_-EDMIX-_1267d ago

? Both are still RPGs and he is right to see it as competition.

Gamers that like RPGs don't just play a single type of rpg and nothing else. Some do, but thats a very, very small few.

I play JRPGs, WRPGs, top down, 3rd person, first person doesn't matter.

He is just to make that statement.

Bolts1267d ago

MMOs do not compete single player epics. The Witcher 3 is like Dragon Age and Bloodborne. It's comes, you play it then move on. However MMOs like ESO stay relevant for years.

Volkama1266d ago

But they compete for the same money from the same consumers.

You could argue that The Elder Scrolls Online is in direct competition with going to the cinema or buying loads of new socks.

Intentions1267d ago

Imo, general rule of thumb if it's a online focused game, then resolution and fps shouldn't be priority, if anything it should be the amount of content and re-playability.

KingWookiee1267d ago

Then enjoy playing content at 12 fps? FPS is pretty important. Doesnt matter how much content a game has if it plays like a slideshow.

morganfell1266d ago

I would have agreed with you 15 years ago. But in this era there is no reason online titles sahould not offer current graphics resolutions and effects.

Raider691267d ago (Edited 1267d ago )

I would like that more developers take this kind of approach regarding the technical aspects of there games,prioritize performance over graphics and been more open regarding the framerate we are going to get when picking the game,i was frankly expecting that this console generation the framerate would play at 30fps lock minimum but we still get games that to often dip to single digits or framerates below the 30fps,i find that frankly inadmissible in this day and age.