37 Xenoblade Chronicles X Screenshots and Video Show Deep Female Character Customization

Here is Xenoblade Chronicles X's Character Creator for the female character in full detail. It features skin color, eyes, hairstyles, hair color, make up, and voice options the player has.

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Raider692769d ago

Wow,great!I will Digitalis myself into it.

Concertoine2769d ago

It doesnt look impossible to make a cute protagonist. Its crazy how in depth this is. I can totally make a character from TW101 with that mask facepaint, haha.

DiscoKid2769d ago

Wanted to make a dude, but the females have really cool design.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory2769d ago

I'm gonna have two files. One for online as a Male and the other for 100% challenge as a female.

BudokaiGamer2769d ago

I'm not into these "open-world" games, but I know my fiance would love it!