Spotify Playlists For PS4's Biggest And Best Games

Invisible Gamer's Tristan Ettleman creates some Spotify playlists specifically suited for PS4's biggest and best games.

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wakeNbake1271d ago

Pantera fits the mood well for Bloodborne.

Ozmoses1271d ago (Edited 1271d ago )

Horrible!!! you rely on the same band way too much...

Weezer *cough* *cough*

also some of the games listed would be pointless to play with music because they have narratives and dialogue that is part of the story..

I mean if you're invested in the game for the immersion than I wouldn't listen to music while playing it.

I mainly just play music when I play Geometry Wars.

But looking at your list music would work well with Don't Starve.

But I don't see how it would work with a game like Transistor. since that whole game as a musical tone in it's core theme

The Raconteurs, Jane's Addiction, Roky Erickson, The 13th Floor Elevators, Love(Band), Jimi Hendrix, Arthur Lee, John Prine, Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, The GreenHornes, Nickel Creek, MGMT, Immortal Technique, Wu-Tang Clan, The Beatles, Blind Melon, Alice in Chains, BLACK SABBATH!!!!! just to name some...

A strong EMPHASIS on the Black Sabbath, Jane's Addiction and Roky Erickson... Especially if you don't know who Roky Erickson is... You need to check him out immediately.. He's the father of Psychedelic Rock!!

add these to your lists and subtract the butt-loads of Weezer and the Blink-182 I saw...

I dunno I need the sounds and effects that are supposed to be heard.. I can't do the music thing.. I think you would just miss so much of the little details.

kingPoS1271d ago

I have to say, I really really enjoy spotify. After about a month of the service, I can't imagine not using it's connect feature. Whether it's on PlayStation, pc, phone or tablet, you can control it, even the volume.

Loads of foreign music too.... Mwahahaha

Gateway MT6706 2008

WildArmed1271d ago

Definitely breathes life in my destiny nightfall runs as well as ACU when I am doing coop / collectable farming

Bathyj1271d ago

So I havent really used this, but Spotify only plays their music not your own off a USb right, and it plays over the top of everything and you cant hear the games music or even sound effects and dialogue?

Is this correct?

iceman061270d ago

For games that support it correctly, the in game music is the only thing that gets muted. The sound effects and dialogue are kept intact. However, Spotify does only play their music. The catalog is pretty big (though they are losing certain albums/artists due to legal issues). I don't think you will have a problem creating a suitable playlist or two to bide the time while you game, though.

Bathyj1270d ago

So some games actually have custom sountrack with Spotify in mind? Thats ok then. Youre right, I'm sure I can create a decent playlist from what theyve got, but I wouldnt want to use it if it cut out all the audio.

How do I know what games support it properly and what games just overwrite the whole thing?

dead_eye1270d ago

Spotify has its own volume control so it's easy to set at a volume that doesn't interfere with the game. If I'm using it I generally turn just the ingame music down. Have spotify on 4 bars are party chat set to priority and it's perfect for me. The app on the ps4 is basic so better to use it on your phone. Use you phone to adjust volume and skip and add tracks while its playing on the ps4.