Infiniti’s PlayStation (GT6) Reality

4:54 pm JST

Infiniti, Nissan’s luxury brand, has turned a virtual racing car from a PlayStation game into a physical concept car.

Vision Gran Turismo, unveiled earlier this month on the sidelines of the Shanghai Motor Show, is based on an Infiniti racing car that has been burning virtual rubber in the popular Sony 6758.TO -1.02% PlayStation racing game Gran Turismo 6 since December.

The game version of the car is one of several digital rides designed for Gran Turismo by luxury brands including Mercedes-Benz, BMW BMW.XE +0.13% and Aston Martin.

The physical car matches the online version with a very low ride and an aggressive ‘face,’ while its body has a silky surface look. It was created by Jeremy Liu, a 29-year-old Chinese designer working in a team of about 30 at Infiniti’s design studio in Beijing.

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