Killer Instinct Cinder Trailer

Things are about to get heated, Cinder joins Killer Instinct!

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ThinkThink1272d ago

I feel like this version of cinder seems out of place in this game.

gangsta_red1272d ago

I see what you mean...heard the voice and I wasn't sure if that was suppose to be him talking at first.

ThinkThink1272d ago

Yeah, I felt like I was watching part of my son's Ben 10 Episode.

4Sh0w1272d ago

Yeah I was, his whole attitude just doesnt work, feels too forced but at least his fight mechanics look sweet.

Fireseed1272d ago

But Ben always had that higher pitch to his voice, and has always been a little cocky. Overall I love the new Cinder, but I will agree he is very reminiscent of Ben 10s flame guy.

bacrec11272d ago

At least he will have his retro gear.

Rookie_Monster1272d ago


Com on, how is a guy on fire not fit in with a game that alreday feature a werewolf, a snow alien, a mummy, a golem, a ghost girl, a skeleton pirate, a robocop/terminator/predator hybrid, and a cybernetic dinosaur?

mkis0071272d ago

They are talking about the voice...

KionicWarlord2221272d ago

Cinder looking good. Looks like a tough character to fight. Great stage he has. You can tell there trying to give him more of a personality.

But Aria? I thought the ai was gonna be a skinny character. She looks like she has some type of body armor.

StrayaKNT1272d ago (Edited 1272d ago )

Mick Gordon does an amazing job with theme songs for this game. Killer instinct just gets better and better and better wow it is truly the best fighting game of this generation

Father Murder X1272d ago

Man they are really doing a solid job on this game.

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