Texas Guv Delivers Businesslike E3 Keynote to Near-Empty Room

What if you gave a keynote speech and (almost) nobody came?

That was the situation in which Texas Gov. Rick Perry found himself at E3 yesterday. Despite being selected as the first political figure to keynote the ESA's annual trade show, Perry attracted an audience estimated to have been between 50-60 people, including ESA employees. The sparse attendance was accentuated by the cavernous room reserved for the speech, which was set up with hundreds and hundreds of chairs.

Despite the lack of onlookers, the Guv soldiered on, delivering in his folksy style a credible speech touting the benefits of running a business in Texas, the creativity and success of the video game industry and touting the Lone Star State as a great spot for game developers to set up shop.

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DarkSniper3770d ago

As a fellow Texan. Dark Sniper would welcome Sony Computer Entertainment setting up shop down here. He will surely give his blood, sweat and tears for employment at Sony. Granted the opportunity, Dark Sniper would be more than happy to enjoy a 40 year career with the best gaming division in the industry, Sony.

Sony can have Dark Sniper's 401K investments for sure.