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During my recent visit with Treyarch, I was lucky enough to get my hands on the multiplayer for Call of Duty: Black Ops III.

After sitting through a presentation that seemed dizzying at times with the amount of changes and layers Black Ops III offers, actually being able to experience these dynamic themes at first required an entire overhaul of my play style. However, after much experimentation, I quickly found myself falling into old habits.

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Brotard1391d ago

This might be the Call of Duty that Gets me again, haven't played one since "modern Warfare". Class base shooters really do it for me, plus current gen only is exciting.

Ill might just be playing battlefront though...

We will see what shooter wins this christmas, a few huge hitters, halo, cod, battlefront.

Darth Gamer1391d ago

If the new TitanFall falls in this group, thats the one I'll be picking. Iv'e played every COD to date and now the play time is about a week before I just can't stand it anymore. On the other hand, I had a ball with Titanfall and played for about 5 months non stop. I love how all of the new wave of shooters is adding a little bit of titanfall in. Now we have wall running in COD. Who would have thunk.

Paytaa1391d ago

I'm with you. Titanfall, in my opinion, is the next best thing from CoD in its prime (CoD 4 - MW2). Really excited to see where Titanfall 2 goes but I'll keep my eye on BO3 since Treyarch is known to push for the competitive community which I like so we'll see.

Darth Gamer1391d ago


Yep. I played the hell out of CoD 4 and MW2. Gone down in quality ever since. The only thing that I hope Titanfall 2 adds/changes is by adding a few more Titan types. My suggestion is a Spider one that can climb up walls.

Apex131391d ago

@Brotard, I totally agree with your initial Statement. Even though I have played the others I haven't enjoyed them let alone cared to finish them in single player mode.

HaleHankock1391d ago

I'll buy this call of duty when they announce that cod finally addressed multiplayer lag. I gave cod one finally chance with AW and it was terrible

Agent_hitman1391d ago

I was expecting them to say:
"Wow it looks more like AW! Nothing has changed" - Destructoid

Smokingunz1391d ago

Did they finally take out quick scoping? Did they make the maps bigger? Did they fix the unfair hit detection? Did they add a better spawn system? And lastly, are they going to add classic free for all and barebones modes? For advance warfare was garbage! Tryearch should not follow in sledgehammer footsteps.