Oddworld Devs working on secret new PS4 Morpheus game

Stewart Gilray, the CEO of Oddworld New ‘N’ Tasty developers Just Add Water, has taken to twitter to tease about their unannounced games and has let slip that one of them will be coming to the PS4 and project Morpheus.

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TheKingslayer1397d ago

I like this. Needs to be true.

Kal0psia1397d ago

I have no faith in VR console games, especially from indie developers. Only platform is PC that can push VR significantly, but overall I like that Sony is making it relevant.

WeAreLegion1396d ago

Sorry. I meant to hit "Disagree".

Kal0psia1396d ago

Thanks, yet no opinion? Aahhh, n4g commentators.

WeAreLegion1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

My opinion was that I disagree.

Is there a clause somewhere in the N4G guidelines that mentions mandatory opinions with every "Agree" and "Disagree"? I must have missed that.

breakpad1396d ago

i also agree that VR will be another Kinect -Wii peripheral (temporary success and imediate fail afterwards) ...i hope not , but cannot imagine smthing different except FPS experiences , which narrows a lot the gaming options

nickster1396d ago

I've tried the projectMorpheus, and it exceeded my expectation, I'm a believer in Sony's VR. And this was before the new update they made too it.

gokuking1396d ago

Honestly, indie developers are the only ones I'd have faith in for VR. AAA console developers aren't going to care about designing experiences tailored around it. They want a mass market audience, and there's no guarantee VR will get that.

I don't have much faith in Project Morpheus, however. Sony has a horrendous track record when it comes to supporting non-pillar initiatives. Remember Eyetoy, PlayStation Camera, PlayStation Move, 3D, Wonderbook, PlayStation Mobile and PlayStation Camera: PS4 Edition? Heck, Vita is supposed to be a pillar platform, but they treat it like it doesn't exist. So I'd be cautious about Morpheus, and recommend a wait and see approach. By all accounts the hardware is quality, but was that not the case for that long list of abandoned initiatives?

While I'm sure this comment will get a sea of disagrees solely for presenting a dissenting opinion, I'm going to cut off any of the sure to happen "What about Kinect? Microsoft has garbage support for their non-core initiatives too!!!" replies. My response to that is that the article at hand has nothing to do with Microsoft. Up until this paragraph I have never mentioned the company or its products. Yes, they don't have a sparkling track record when it comes to supporting things that aren't guaranteed winners. With that in mind, I'd issue caution over supporting those initiatives too.

mcstorm1396d ago

@Kal0psia I'm with you. I don't see VR being a hit in hone consoles gaming. I also think AR will become the main used reality product as it can be used for much more.

I do think VR has soon cool ideas and will have some cool games but I just don't see it becoming big in gaming at all. A I maybe wrong and we wont know until its out but I am just not excited for the product at this moment in time.

Haru1396d ago

PS4 is going to get real VR games from real developers while PC will only get indie 5 minutes long demos

Peace_Love_and_FPS1394d ago

K there fanboy.

You're a little misinformed on just how many VR games there are, along with programs like Vorpx to let you play far cry 4 for example in VR.

I would be shocked if Sony, Steam or Oculus didn't include software to allow for VR on any game with their devices, and many AAA developers offer it already on PC as a setting.

Also, why the indie hate? One of the few games I have tried with VR was outlast, an indie game, which knocked my socks off and really sold me on VR. They're "real developers" too, making real good games.

You'll probably have some BS response calling me a master race neck beard virgin, but honestly I hope Morpheus, Vive and Oculus all succeed as I'll definitely be getting one for each platform.

Spa4tan1396d ago

Lmao this is the guy who loses money in stocks

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DigitalRaptor1396d ago

J.A.W. are great. Very excited to see what they can do with VR.

E3 and Gamescom are going to be huge.

crazed_shadow271396d ago

I miss Oddworld Inhabitants :( Such creative worlds and creatures made by them.

NukaCola1396d ago

Agreed. No game compares to the original two Oddworld titles on PS1.

crazed_shadow271396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

I started out with Stranger's Wrath and loved it. I loved the live creature ammunition. Then I went back and checked the others out. Even though I heard of them before, I never got a chance to play them. Really would have liked to see the rumored Fangus game.

chrissx1396d ago

Looking forward to VR gaming on Ps4

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