There's a secret in the Black Ops 3 "Ember" Trailer

Remember the bluebird in the Black Ops 3 teaser trailer? Well, it turns out that's also a secret password, yet to be used.

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zrud1394d ago

Oh my God! A Secret !? Really !? Im so ex- NOBO DY GIVES A SHIT !

davethedj1394d ago

Why are u even here if u dont give a shit!!!

Toiletsteak1394d ago

Most likely to moan about a game he doesn't want just like any other troll on the internet.

1393d ago
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Summons751393d ago

the copy and paste button and be a very powerful thing as we have seen since 2008

joel011393d ago

@MrTysonLamar..look at you ! you are soo tough troll ! Idiocy is not a disease , but if it was I am absolutely sure you would have it.

BeastBoxOne1393d ago

I don't think anyone cares about Halo Ops 3. People won't be interested in cod again until they go back to WW2 or Vietnam or something.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1393d ago

I don't get how it's halo ops, I would've laughed at deus ops 3: ex-o soldiers but there's not even aliens or space travel as far as we know.

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