Resident Evil HD Remaster Sells 1M Copies

Resident Evil's HD remaster, the upgraded and updated version of the seminal survival horror game, has sold more than 1 million copies globally since its release in late January, according to creator Capcom.

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XboxDD1395d ago

I wonder how many of them were new players, and how many of them got it for nostalgia's sake.

micx1395d ago

I think the majority of them are older players.

XboxDD1395d ago

Probably, but the redesigned controls do help new players.

freshslicepizza1394d ago

people can dismiss the remasters all they want, there is a demand for them. obviously most of us look forward to new games but i see no reason why much like movies there can be upgraded games too as technology advances.

what they do as well is bring new interest into those ip's and perhaps renewed interest in making new entries. or help fund totally new projects.

KyRo1394d ago

I bought it for nostalgia but I'd imagine there were quite a few new players to this game. You have to remember it was originally released only on the GameCube which didn't really have a huge install base.

Hasswell-NeverCold1394d ago

I got it mostly for nostalgia but the game was still kick ass.. even though it took a bit of effort to get used to the saving with ribbons, because most new games make it too easy nowadays.

Infact.. I just got xbox one controller for PC.. but I played res evil with my xbox 360 controller with d-pad. People say that d-pad is much better in xbox one controller but I tried it in that game and it kinda feels weird because it isn't as easy to you know, circle the d-pad, but new control scheme is good with analog stick.

Xer0_SiN1394d ago

i can tell you right now that i bought it for nostalgia sake. i havent played re since ps1 days. the experience was wow. i enjoyed it.

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Neonridr1395d ago

1 million copies across 5 different platforms..

gantarat1395d ago

1 million copies is pretty good For 13 Years Old Game and WorldWide Digital Release .

PhoenixUp1394d ago

They could've reached the goal faster of it were also on Wii U

fitfox1394d ago

great! now give us a ps4 RE0 :) PLZ

KryptoniteTail1394d ago

Capcom. We like the old RE. Why is that hard to believe? No more RE 4-6 crap. More 0-3 (and Code Veronica). Also, online HD Outbreak series (and a new entry).

Do it.

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