Rumor: Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break Delayed Due To “Time” Problems Instead Of Crowded Line-Up?

A lot has been said about Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break. Earlier this month Microsoft and developer Remedy officially announced that the time-bending game would be delayed due to a crowded holiday line-up for the Xbox One. Recent tweets from Remedy's writer Sam Like might imply a different reason though.

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DarkOcelet2963d ago

Remedy are known for delaying their games until they think its ready and polished. They should take their time and hopefully they bring Alan Wake 2 after this game.

A current gen Alan Wake would be sick!

BartMoons2963d ago

Yea I know same happened with Alan Wake but Microsoft stated the game was released due to a crowded line-up but that might not be the case.

DarkOcelet2963d ago

It will most likely be release in the spring 2016.

4Sh0w2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

^^^^Headline is click-bait^^^^^

-lol, talk about reaching, the author is making a mountain out of a molehill, its a f**king tweet with Sam Lake is responding to a fan that he is too busy working on QB to write a mystery novel the fan requested, the second tweet he responds QB is a metaphor about not having enough time. Nothing said here changes previous reasons given for the delay???

Now that said it doesn't really matter "why" fact is its delayed, delays are almost always to make improvements & Remedy doesn't release broken games, so as long as they continuing working hard to make QB the best it can be then we just have to wait until its ready....also the fall lineup IS crowded so either way that wouldn't have been the best time to release this new IP.

XanderZane2963d ago

Dude the headline is click-bait. There's nothing in the article that says the game was delayed due to some "time" issue with the game. Every developer who makes games say they never have enough time to do everything they want in a game. We don't know what else Sam Lake is working on besides Quantum Break. Remedy has gotten extra time to make Quantum Break even better then what it already is. Hopefully they are moving the game to DX12 so it will run even better.

UKmilitia2963d ago

kinda expected this.
be good if they did a full redo with dx12 on it.

next delay will be scalebound.

TheSaint2963d ago

Microsoft telling lies, surely not. /s

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Nirvana315912963d ago

Yea but I'd be real pissed if Microsoft pushed it because they had "too many games" which is utter BS cuz I haven't touched my Xbox since MCC and I probably won't until Halo 5

TheCommentator2963d ago

If they push it until spring, there won't be as much "gaming drought" next year, which is what you're complaining about already. I don't get it.

Brisco2963d ago

Lol you again... cry baby :)

modelgod2963d ago

@nirvana " I haven't touched my x1 since MCC came out and probably won't until halo 5". I tr
ake it you didn't play the beta if that's the case. No Ori and the blind Forrest or free to play Neverwinter?

lelo2play2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

It's smart. Microsoft need to learn to spread their exclusives along the year... instead of releasing them all in the same quarter.

XanderZane2963d ago

It's very smart, because unlike this year, Microsoft would have a slew of exclusive for the beginning of 2016 and not just for the holiday months. Quantum Break and Gear of War would kick off 2016 with a bang. If they included Phantom Dust as well, that would be a huge bonus. They really need to have at least 1-2 new exclusives for every month of the year.

mcstorm2962d ago

I would rather them do this too. I know the big sales windows is the last few months of the year due to Christmas but I have now found my self missing some big games as I was always a day one buyer of games but as time has gone on I have less and less time to play games and I have Horizon, Forza 5, halo mcc, bf4, Mario kart 8, splinter cell, dk, pikmin 3, Mario 3d world, Zelda wind weaker and more to still finish. I'm now just buying games when I get through my back log and if Ms spread them out I would probably miss less games too.

Magicite2963d ago

I only played Alan Wake and Max Payne 3 on PC and both games were great, I have faith in Remedy, also hope that QB will come to PC eventually.

DarkOcelet2963d ago

Max Payne 3 was R* game not Remedy. It was great but a far cry from the masterpiece Max Payne 1 and the awesome Max Payne 2. You really should play those.

BiggerBoss2963d ago

Like DarkOcelet said, Remedy was only involved in Max Payne 1 and 2. MP3 was still awesome though.

vega2752962d ago

@ Magicite

Unless MS Allows for a PC version to be made. it may not go to PC. since MS owns the trademark for the game. so if you want to play it, you will have to buy a X1


VealParmHero2963d ago

"The game was delayed due to a large amphibious beast storming through the studio and wrecking our work"

"The game was delayed because aliens stole our files and we had to start over"

They can say what ever they's all valid in my book so long as this game is solid and worthy of the hype once it does come out...and I'm not really doubting it will.

metatronx2963d ago

If they decide to release it in the spring, do they want to go against UC4. MS should release it by early 2016, March would be ideal.

StrawberryDiesel4202963d ago

Polished? Alan Wake is screen tear city.

ThePresentIsAgift2963d ago

Try playing with V sync enabled, or upgrading your pc. Perhaps both.

DLConspiracy2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

If this game gets supported well enough I am sure Alan awake 2 would happen.

gbonez2963d ago

it's funny. games get delayed so much but you never see movies get delayed. They should only reveal games when they are released within that year. I think it's ridiculous we see the same games at E3 for 3 - 4 years in a row. that is not acceptable.

badz1492963d ago

Batman: Do you bleed?
Superman: I don't have to wait for it next year!

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hello122963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

Its not coming out 2015 its April now they probably got another year to polish the game maybe 10 months?

After E3 we will know for sure if Microsoft was right.

Uncharted delay changed everything Microsoft needs a game around that time to challenge it Tombraider is now gone. Scalebound and crackdown, Gears 4, Phantom dust are all 2016 games, but have know release time.

Sony is not going to have anything big for the holidays huge tripleAAA games have to be shown first after that they take at least a couple of years to come out to the public.

Microsoft will win holidays they will have more AAA exclusives of their own again

Sony and Microsoft will likely have a remaster or two for the Holidays and they will show off new games for late 2016- 2017 (2018) at E3

WeAreLegion2963d ago

I'm sorry. What's this about Tomb Raider being gone?

kurruptor2963d ago

I think he meant Tomb Raider is gone ad a challenger to UC4 since they will be released months apart.

Though poorly worded.

lelo2play2963d ago

Quantum Break is going to challenge Uncharted PS4. I bet they will get released more or less at the same time. My guess would be Feb/Mar/Apr 2016.

Silly gameAr2963d ago

If MS has all of these games, why would they need to delay games to compete with games on other consoles? Not a good strategy imo.

hells_supernova2963d ago

A new ip will get crushed by uncharted saying that I really want quantum break it looks so good and remedy are fantastic

buttcheeks2963d ago

Im sorry since when did games need years to come out once being announced lbp3 and blood borne arrived in under a why coundnt they show some triple a games at e3 for fall

Jayszen2963d ago

"Sony is not going to have anything big for the holidays" - why drag Sony into a discussion about the delay of an Xbone game? And gamers do not just play during the holidays, I and most others would rather have releases that are spread throughout the year as there are plenty third-party games that will be available come the holidays.

hells_supernova2963d ago

Also Sony could have a unknown game so many studios have said nothing for years. Plus who needs a game for the holidays. We have star wars battlefront, fallout 3, assassins creed, batman, the witcher, and more it is crowded with so much advertising etc your game would get lost. Oh and call of duty

Utalkin2me2963d ago

Well i think it is smart for Sony not to release a bunch exclusives around holiday season, due to the fact you always have the big 2 around that time BF and COD. Which people put in alot of time into those games during those few months. I would much rather have my games spread through the year instead of having them in those 2 months with other 3rd party AAA titles.

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jackanderson19852963d ago

They did also say to polish the game up. Maybe cuz of the delay they realised they had more content they could ram in day one rather than dlc it later.

BartMoons2963d ago

What I think they said that following the delay that MS announced they have indeed more time to polish up.

BlackTar1872963d ago

lol at jamming more content in instead of DLC. So that's funny but really remedy is awesome and at least i would have some hope they would have that mindset . BUt the reality is that is just not how it works.

rainslacker2963d ago

Any time given to a dev they can use to polish a game. Doesn't matter why they get that time. Sometimes it's because the publisher feels it needs it(TLOU for instance). Other times it's so games don't have to compete with another game...I firmly believe Bloodborne was delayed so it wouldn't be competing with Sony's own The Order in the same month. And still other times it's because a game simply isn't ready to release(Driveclub for instance).

When it comes to development, most developers would love to have more time to get their game more polished. It's really up to the publisher and producer to decide if they'll get it or not.

Transistor2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

You need something for preseason. Quantum Break will benefit from missing the playoffs.

Eonjay2963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

The playoffs never end. There is no preseason.

Transistor2963d ago

I know, I'm joking.

But I am glad Quantum Break isn't releasing this holiday, it could get overshadowed.

Jag-T10002963d ago

Crowded holiday? Halo and tomb raider? That's a crowded holiday?

Transistor2963d ago

There are Third party titles too. Trust me, this holiday in crowded for everyone. Excluding the Wii U obviously.

Nekroo912963d ago

Yes its a crowded holiday, halo, forza and tomb raider in september, october and november. If they launch another exclusive in the same month it affects sales, everyone in the industry understands that.

And you also have The Division, Battlefront, COD, new Assassins Creed at the same time so yes its crowded

Viryu2963d ago

Wait, what? They're releasing new AC this year? Didn't Ubi learn their lesson? Even the fans demanded a 2 years break after Unity. Sigh.

gamer11382963d ago

Plus Forza 6, Fable Legends. Add the massive third party titles and yeah, it is crowded.

Trekster_Gamer2963d ago

He'll ya, halo alone would crowd the field.

badz1492963d ago (Edited 2963d ago )

You kinda overestimated Halo too much over there. As big as Halo might be for the Xbone, The declining CoD is still going to outsell it regardless.

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