Warframe Sanctuary Update Now Available On Consoles

Similar to the recent PC Sanctuary update, this awesome console update includes Chroma — the first elemental Warframe, an upgraded PvP Game Mode called ‘Cephalon Capture’, a new Quest and plenty of powerful new weapons.

The exciting new Sanctuary Update brings plenty of new gameplay, new weapons, a new Warframe and more to console players. Players can get familiar with the new Chroma Warframe, do honourable battle with fellow Tenno in PvP 2.0 or take on a mysterious Quest.

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1393d ago Replies(2)
BillySpandex1393d ago

Warframe has remained one of my go-to games. I get a new AAA title, I play that for a while, but I always return to Warframe. It's definitely one of the best f2p games out there.

dcj05241392d ago

At one point my whoan life was Final Fantasy XIV and Warframe for a good 5 months. Both games have too much content lol.

spicelicka1392d ago

how do you play pvp in this game? Do you have to do all the missions first?