First Impressions From New Mad Max Gameplay Reveal Trailer

"First of all I am glad Avalanche Studios did not plan to release this game based off the new Mad Max film starring Tom Hardy. Developers tend to rush movie inspired games using Hollywood's PR to push their launch which in my opinion almost certainly results in poor development work, limited content and laggy gameplay."

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Frankskint1395d ago

Movie remakes always blow. Glad Avalanche showed actual gameplay than all this CGI crap for hype building. Can't to see more from this.

camel_toad1395d ago

Yeh Avalanche Studios knows what fun is and know in-game cinematics alone doesn't show that.

EdnaJones971395d ago

This combat mechanics actually reminded me of Rocksteady's Batman Arkham games. I liked the way Max can pick up random items to pound on enemies.

amyortega1311395d ago

This looks brutal. Tom Hardy Yum!