The Pirate's Life for Ye - How to Be A Successful Pirate in ArcheAge

ArcheAge is a previously Asia-only Sandbox MMORPG that has recently made its appearance on the western stage. ArcheAge is praised for its in-depth crafting system, expansive world for players to explore and PvP that allows player to not just fight another faction, but their own as well. Those who have indulged in ArcheAge may know of the two default factions - the Nuia and the Haranya - but those are not the only options available. The game allows players who commit enough bad deeds to become banished from their faction and join the Pirate faction, officially embracing the pirate's life. While many are enticed by the pirate's life in ArcheAge, it's not easy. Getting into the Pirate faction can be a task in and of itself, but the pirate's life comes with as many downfalls as it does benefits.

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