New gameplay trailer showcases the size and scale of Mad Max on PS4

Posted by John Fuller on Apr 23, 2015 // Senior Producer, Avalanche Studios:

Hi PlayStation fans! Well, here at Avalanche Studios, we’ve had our heads down, busy putting the final touches to Mad Max. We’ve been focused on pushing what we can do on PS4. Now we’re confident we’ll be able to show you an experience that you have not played before.

We are very proud of Mad Max, so we thought the best way to showcase it would be to put together a video. Since the game is massive, both in terms of geography and variety of content, we didn’t think one continuous sequence would do it justice. So, we have cut together a bunch of in-game footage (with a little in-game rendered cinematic sequences to set the scene) to give you as broad a sense of the game as possible. We hope you’ll enjoy the first real look at Mad Max gameplay in our walkthrough video.

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oasdada1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Every body buckle up.. this is gonna be a MAD ride!

P.s i have said it b4... i think this is gonna be a sleeper hit of 2015

Zenith4k1396d ago

Absolutely agree can't wait

Kingthrash3601396d ago

It looks awsome! One thing I noticed in the trailer thos that I hope they fix is the way the enemies seemed to wait to get beat up. Like look at the trailer again and see how he was outnumbered UT the just watched as he kicked ass one by one. Hopefully they add some sort of counter system so enemies will pose a challenge in hand to hand combat.....other than that this game looks epic..especially the car battles.

Ron_Danger1396d ago

Anyone else notice the Thunder Dome?? Please please have a gladiator style mode in the game!

Army_of_Darkness1396d ago

Wow, this game looks great! far better than I expected! The driving effects, sense of speed, upgrading system and graphics all look fantastic! Definitely can't wait to get this now!

Lord_Sloth1396d ago

Looks great but does anybody else agree that he looks a lot like Liam McIntyre from Spartacus?

DawginTow11396d ago

@RonDanger, yeah I noticed it. Also noticed what looked like a bit of ol' fashioned cannibalism o_O or were my eyes playing tricks on me?

Conzul1396d ago

He was eating the maggots that were on the dead body.

OT: Wow, more hyped for this than JC3. Looks gritty and awesome.

DawginTow11396d ago

@Conzul, haha I think ur right; I actually feel relieved xD

Still, that was a healthy scoop...& I'll bet those maggots were sumwhat human-flavored :o

MazzingerZ1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

This game will blow, the trailer just says it all, not really sure what people is looking at or if they don't have much to play today but the game will make more than one dissapointed.

I'm actually playing Mass Effect 3 right now on PS3 and it looks better than that world or not, there is no excuse for those poor character models for a game being in dev for so long

You can see it's a port from last gen, the grain filter they add is to hide that.

I mentioned before this and the trailer confirms it. A couple of years back I heard a conersation between two guys in the Stockholm subway, at least one of them was an Avalanche dev and complained about the game being in dev forever, being a mess and too ambitious that at the end was a Jack of all threads...and he wasn't even sure all the stuff he programmed was to be included since they had to reduce the scope.

Seriously, look at the trailer, what is it showing? There's no more in that game, forget epicness or whatever you are expecting, it will get old after some hours and story will be the trailer to anything MGS V has shown and there's no comparision...can't believe people thinks this looks next gen and even skipping MGSV because thus looks a lot more fun...all scenes that look nice are not gameplay but triggered sequences during will have mixed graphical quality due to lot of stuff from last gen.

Combat is dull and I bet it is using an old version of the Avalanche graphic engine...they just had to release this....their real next gen game will be JC3

I don't hate the devs or the game but just devs trying to sell a bad product...just wait for hands-on impressions and you'll see not everyone will sound that enthusiastic...

EeJLP-1396d ago

Looks like it has potential, but the AI looks to be pretty dumb. Like 8 guys surrounding you, but it turns into a 1v1 while the others just watch until you kill him, then a new 1v1 begins while the rest watch.

It looks like it would be pretty good if the AI took cover, flanked, all tried to attack you at the same time and you had to try taking some cover, or flank them, or take them out from a distance, etc.

It looks like you can just run at a group of guys in the open and kill them one by one with close quarter/melee combat. That would kill the game for me; no challenge.

diehardmetallicafans1395d ago

Steering wheel on the right!! Australia b*tches!

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lelo2play1396d ago ShowReplies(1)
Magicite1396d ago

This and Just Cause 3....oooh the goodness!

spacedelete1396d ago

i don't see anything special tbh. it looks really dull and boring to me. it will probably be free on PS Plus sooner than later. you people are easily impressed. no wonder why publishers put most of their budget on marketing.

solar1396d ago

only on PS4, all the other platforms get less.

_-EDMIX-_1396d ago

Though they canned the PS3 and 360 versions its clear that you can see its very much not a ground up next gen title. The models look dated.

Though the concept sounds great, on the release of MGSV, I just can't. I'll have to get this used later on next year, I don't see me buying this, this year, as good as it looks too.

N4g_null1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Oh this looks good. Almost enough to buy a ps4. Yet this too will be pc if given the option.

ironfist921396d ago

Its going to be the Shadow of Mordor of 2015

Film-adapted games are on the rise

GameSpawn1395d ago

But Shadow of Mordor was actually good.

Normally when a person mentions a film-adapted game or game-adapted film you immediately think failure, but Mordor was one of the few that break that curse to be something greater.

This game actually has LOTS of promise. I may hold out on it for a couple months like I did with Mordor and gauge post-launch reactions.

People are pointing out that the combat seems very 1v1 right now, but remember this is coming from WB-Games (think about the combat in the Arkham games and Mordor). The difficulty probably effects how many people rush you at one time. The hand to hand combat looks to function very much like it does in Arkham and Mordor.

Nineball21121395d ago

I have to admit, this game looks bad ass.

I agree with the comments about the enemies just standing around. That needs to be addressed.

Also, I'm hoping the guns and melee feels good, if you know what I mean. Take the feel and shooting mechanics of Destiny and throw it in here and it'll be fantastic.

I played Rage, and I was trying to remember what the shooting mechanics in that game felt like.

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xYLeinen1396d ago

Reminds me of ID soft's Rage, which I enjoyed a lot..

Why o why1396d ago

Really enjoyed that game before my hdd died....didnt have the heart to start fresh. The graphics enengine was one of the best of last gen. Credit to id.

FastRedPonyCar1396d ago

The ID Tech 6 engine had no support for SLI and no way to brute force it through drivers. That is absolutely inexcusable.

that's what happens when you build a game engine from the ground up for the xbox 360 (which carmack later admitted was a big mistake)

bunfighterii1396d ago

I think on console Rage was hobbled by its engine - the texture pop was extraordinarily bad and I couldn't get past it.

DefenderOfDoom21396d ago

Rage was awesome . But according to the April issue of Game Informer, there will be no online competive multiplayer vehicle combat in Mad Max .

Plagasx1396d ago

Good, more focus on a great long and compelling Single Player experience :)

FastRedPonyCar1396d ago

Good. Less things for them to get wrong and more focus on the one thing they need to get RIGHT which is that well crafted single player game.

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MasterCornholio1396d ago

Cool that we got to see the PS4 version.


death_gun1396d ago

That makes sense, I was wondering why this looks worse than the first original trailer guess first one must've been the PC version trailer

raptorjacob1396d ago

i usually skip anything that is closely related to a movie release. this feels different than those. it seems like a well thought out game and not some cash grab garbage.

camel_toad1396d ago

Yeh I think it feels different because Avalanche Studios is behind it and not some talentless inexperienced dev like they usually throw at movie/game tie-ins. Looking forward to it.