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For all of its chummy quips and hordes of orcs battling My-Little-Pony-esque unicorns, Dungeons 2 comes off as slightly cynical. The first entry tried to revive Dungeon Keeper in 2011 (well ahead of EA's free-to-play debacle last year), and it valiantly attempted to make the franchise its own by giving you direct control of the Keeper and focusing the gameplay on luring heroes in and entertaining them before harvesting their souls. It didn't turn out too well, but developer Realmforge Studios has resolved to give us what it thinks we want. The core dungeon game is almost lifted straight from Dungeon Keeper, the narrator reflects on your actions in a bemused British accent, and dungeon maintenance is paired with an overworld real-time strategy element that closely resembles Warcraft III. Sales figures and reviews have proven that we like these things, yes, but too much gets lost in an ambitious attempt to mash them all together.

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