Star Wars Battlefront Won't Have BF2's 'Instant Action' Mode; Lead Designer Causing Confusion

There is a lot of confusion whether the 'instant-action' game mode will be included in the new Star Wars Battlefront. Lead Designer Dennis Brännvall seems be dodging the question while stating that Battlefront won't have the mode. On Reddit EA community Manager Sledgehammer70 confirms that the new Battlefront won't have the instant-action mode as defined in BF2.

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Septic1398d ago

Seems a tad confusing lol. As the article says, DICE need to clarify this.

BartMoons1398d ago

It's hilarious how Brännvall states he isn't dodging the question but his replies seem to do exactly that.

3-4-51398d ago (Edited 1398d ago )

Liars gonna lie.

This stuff comes from the top though and is forced all the way down.

If the person running the show was the most outgoing and honest individual, and was open and clear about everything, it would reflect within the rest of the company all the way down.

* This happens at almost every dev studio though.

Still buying the game regardless.... I NEED Star yea it's a simple question with a simple answer they just aren't giving.

Transistor1398d ago

People should just calm down and stop over analyzing every thing to do with every game ever made.

People act like Demos, Stage shows, previews and reviews don't exist. Instead they just harass these people on social media for clicks.

PaulKersey1398d ago

Yes, we should just happily eat any BS they shovel our way.

Dagexon1398d ago

Instant action was pretty much the biggest part of the previous battlefront games. I know that the developers have said that it's a reboot and that they're doing what they feel is right however they have made it appear as though the goal of this game is to allow players to play out their star wars fantasy battles however without the freedom offered by being able to play with bots on whatever maps this doesn't actually seem to be aligned with the apparent goal of the game. From this guys statements, albeit confusing, it does appear that we won't actually really be able to play out our fantasies but rather the developers in the form of missions.

BartMoons1398d ago

Your comment seems to nail it. Instant-action in the form of missions with bots though:P

Saryk1398d ago

WTF is this game going to have?

Seems like most of the BF2 options will not be there anyway.

Lord_Ranos1398d ago

It's better to stick with Battlefront 2 PC where the mods have kept it alive for years.

Neoprime1398d ago

Or instant action will be more like bf1 were.

FantasticBoss1398d ago

Seems pretty straightforward to me. It won't have the old instant action mode, but they are making a mode that provides one off scenarios you play with bots. It sounds like they aren't just multiplayer matches with bots, but something a little different. Any details beyond that they simply aren't talking about yet. Give it some time and they will reveal more.