Where is Battlefield Bad Company 3?

The Battlefield Bad Company series has reached levels of critical acclaim by critics and gamers alike. Five years after the release of Bad Company 2, gamers are left asking, "Where is Bad Company 3?"

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gangsta_red2343d ago

I LOVED Bad Company 2, I remember throwing my CoD away when I got my hands on some BC:2. The maps weren't insanely large but large enough, the destruction was great and everything about the game just felt tight.

I don't know why but when I played Battlefield 3 it just didn't have that same charm as BC: 2 did.

rvbfreak2343d ago

I agree completely. Plus there were so many ways to go about taking on an objective. Battlefield 3/4 feel more linear.

AntoineDcoolette2342d ago

The destructible environments is definitely what drew me into the game. It was so gratifying to be able to perch a tank on a hill top and destroy targets simply by shelling and bringing down an entire building on top of said targets.

Paytaa2343d ago

Bad Company 2 was the only game at the time that got my attention away from the MW2 craze that was still in motion. BC2 is probably the last military oriented FPS I can say I loved. So many good times. Sad to see it came out 5 years ago and no word of a sequel.