Mass Effect X06 Demo Video Released Tommorow

Bioware have confirmed that more footage from the very promising Action-RPG Mass Effect for Xbox 360 that took place at X06 will be released to the gaming public on Friday via Xbox Live Marketplace and the official Mass Effect website.

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MoonDust5952d ago

Bioware=Ownage! Kudos to MSFT for locking all the exclusives. Bioware is a great RPG company, they can make great story lines.

0ldb0y5952d ago


Anyway, it does look to be a pretty pretty game from the trailer. Hopefully it remains more true to the RPG aspect rather than 3rd person shooter. We don't need a whole slew of new TPS's just b/c GoW came out nicely, just like we didn't need a lot of not-so-great FPS's after the Halo revolution.

PS360PCROCKS5952d ago

awesome, I'd love to see some more of what their doing with this title

Grown Folks Talk5952d ago

releasing the demo for US to play? this is my next must have. been telling people about it, but it's not getting the pub of some others. mass effect, alan wake, bioshock, alone in the dark, marvel universe, graw 2, jade empire 2, ninja gaiden 2, indgo prophecy 2(hopefully), lost planet, a.p.b., stranglehold, assasin's creed, among many others.

PS360PCROCKS5952d ago

"but it's not getting the pub of some others. mass effect, alan wake, bioshock" uh this is Mass effect news

Grown Folks Talk5951d ago

i wasn't comparing the pub to the other games i mentioned. those are other games i'm looking forward to. how much mass effect news do you see compared to a lot of other titles? not as much. you hear about gears and motorstorm and resistance and stuff like that every day.

power of Green 5952d ago

I know MS's becomming god like when it comes to compression but i need this title to be more than one disc.

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