Alan Wake's E3 absence 'not a good sign'

The absence of the Xbox 360 and PC "psychological action thriller" Alan Wake from this year's E3 is a bad sign for a game that some believe may never see the light of day.

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Jon86023772d ago

I really expected to hear something about alan wake at e3 because they hyped the crap out of it in 06' I hope its not a bad sign even though I dont own a 360, this games premise looks good.

m233772d ago

I was hoping for this game to make an appearance at E3. Hopefully they'll show it soon before people just forget about the game.

power of Green 3772d ago

The game announcment tab on XBL in the E3 page is still blank you can't even access the tab; matter of fact it is still at "comming soon" status lol. Lets just wait MSFT probably wants to go out with a bang.

power of Green 3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

LOL look at the dissagree's from the PS3 fanboy losers trolling in here lol.

I'm looking right at the god dam E3 page on XBL most of the content bars are not even activated yet lol. Alot of the show is most likely embargo/private.

Tmac3772d ago

Lol look at you, talking to yourself how pathetic.

Surfman3772d ago

power of green... you mean Power of BULLSH*T

pwnsause3772d ago (Edited 3772d ago )

"Power of BULLSH*T"
bubbles up for surfman

how about POWER OF FAIL

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IaMs123772d ago

Well one thing i dont blame them for wanting to show games coming out this year but should least showed maybe a new trailer to remind people it is still alive and kicking and maybe a release window for next year? Dont forget many games get announced and forgotten like look at Duke Nukem Forever over a decade in development and recently we got some gameplay footage of it.... so seems like that is still alive as well give it time... it might be worth the wait in the end

Leathersoup3772d ago

The weird thing about Duke Nukem is that it has gained fame by not coming out. I've seen so many screenshots of that game over the years that I'm not even sure what it's supposed to look like now.

Apocwhen3772d ago

That's so true about Duke Nukem.
For anyone old enough here that bought Duke Nukem 3D when it came out, the CD version had screenshots of Duke Nukem Forever in a bonus folder of the disc. There was also screenshots of Blood and Prey on it too :)

Spydr073771d ago (Edited 3771d ago )

According to the FF interviews, the 360 version will BEGIN development when it's released in the US on the PS3. Reread the interview about the games development process and he mentions the 360's development will begin when the game begins its localization in the US/EU for the PS3. Then grab a dictionary and look up the word localization. Pay specific attention to the intransitive definition.



There's a link to the article and to the definition of the word. Hashimoto's statement describing the difference in the release timeframes is an answer to this question: What’s the development process for the game?

Edit: This was supposed to be in reply to 4.6 foodbox

power of Green 3772d ago

Has anybody ever seen *PW* post good 360 news?. Seems like he's a POS anti MSFT loser always looking to troll for bad 360 news. Could be wrong.