Shacknews: Resident Evil 5 Preview: Rock That Chainsaw

Shacknews writes: "It's been a good few years for sequels -- less of the radical changes and outlandish departures, and a more pronounced focus on making improvements where necessary while preserving what already functioned well. Resident Evil 5 is definitely among those games-one of only two titles that successfully inspired cackles of glee as I witnessed my own head cut free from my body.

The other, of course, is Capcom's incredible Resident Evil 4 (GCN, PS2, Wii), a game from which this latest chapter in the company's long-running survival horror saga draws a great deal of inspiration. The successes of RE4 are intact and accounted for in this follow-up: a solid control scheme, an excellent camera, and the tension of third person action amid scores of encroaching foes."

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