Kalypso Publisher Sale Hits Green Man Gaming

Hardcore Gamer: Kalypso has put out a ton of stuff on PC, and now Green Man Gaming has a 24 hour sale on their catalog.

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Sine Mora - A Decade of Inspirational Shoot-'Em-Up Design

10 years after launch, Grasshopper Manufacture's Sine Mora remains one of the finest shoot-'em-up games in recent memory.

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ActualWhiteMan1425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

Destroy all Humans was $2 at one point... this is by far the cheapest month so far. Sine Mora, Shantae? WTF

crazyCoconuts1424d ago

Sounds like you may need a little Coffee Talk

darthv721424d ago

is this the same coffee talk with linda richman?

LucasRuinedChildhood1425d ago

Are MS even trying with Games for Gold anymore?

drpepperdude1425d ago

I guess they are using it to fund all the money they losing on Game Pass from $1 subs.

UltraNova1424d ago

Why would they even try giving away decent games when they can have their customers pay for them with GP?

crazyCoconuts1424d ago

Do you think it's possible XBL will include GamePass in the future and just drop the free games?

Z23ash1424d ago

That’s what gamepass ultimate basically is

crazyCoconuts1424d ago

I'm talking about them dropping free games and providing GP at the same cost as XBL. $15/month is too much for lots of ppl imo

mandingo1424d ago

How is 15/m too much. That's just disrespectful lol

Kribwalker1424d ago

this is a terrible month for gwg

execution171424d ago

I don't even remember the last time they had a good month with gwg

Kribwalker1424d ago

april was pretty good with Project Cars 2 and Fable Anniversary, but the rest this year haven’t been great. But, mind you, you do get 4 games every month as opposed to PsPlus scaling back to 2 games a month so 🤷

Specter2291425d ago

Another month of saving space on my harddrive.

CR7JUVE18971425d ago

Uhhhhmmm...................... ................