Mirror's Edge Motion Sickness


"Mirror's Edge looks great. And the first-person-running-jumping-sliding-kicking-shooting gameplay is certainly novel and different. This morning, I checked out the E3 build, which looked, well, great. But...while watching the dev show off the game, I seriously started to feel ill. Really, really ill. I've never gotten motion sick from a game, and I got it pretty bad while checking out Mirror's Edge. Like to the point of breaking out in a cold sweat and feeling rather green. Actually playing the game didn't make me as sick as watching - and playing it was fun. The controls are intuitive and tight, and the overall design is polished.

I was talking with McWhertor why the game made me motion sick. He pointed out that the game does leave out certain colors in the color platte and that maybe, just maybe that's the reason. That, or the jet lag or the lack of sleep."

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Angelitos3750d ago

I'm going straight to the point about the FF13 multiplatform case:

It ruined the SONY relationship

It disappointed many fans

SONY depended on them to make a great game, to help improve the sales and reptutation of the PS3

Exclusives that tend to go Multi looses interests

Ruined the Playstation exclusive trademark

Becoming like Capcom(no need for further explanation)

Gave one less reason to own a PS3, which it was the PS2 and PS1 that gave Square Enix where they are now.

Showed they cared more about money than loyalty

Slowing down the FF13 Verses development

May question themselves about the storage space and specs they are using when developing FF13

They are looking to seem to betraying another company(like when they ditched Nintendo)

Gave something the Xbox fanboys to cheer and make fun of to the Sony fanboys

Making themselves look foolish when they made statements like, "We are arent looking forward for Final Fantasy games on different platforms". " The PS3 suits Final Fantasy 13".

Made another foolish statement saying it was to reduce the fanboyism, and yet, Last Remnant is a 360 timed exclusive, Infinite Discovery and Star Ocean are 360 exclusives.

And other foolish statement when they said FF13 multi was because of the install base, but then why is FF13 verses a PS3 exclusive? hmmmmm

vitz33750d ago

Wussy. If games make you motion sick, then switch careers. They're just looking for an excuse to hate on the game. Typical Kotaku BS.

Kyur4ThePain3750d ago

I wouldn't go so far as to say that...I know a couple of people who have trouble with FPS games...they start feeling funky.

Hagaf223750d ago

agree thepain, a guy i know cant play cod4 cuz it makes him sick, this game is really first person, so i could be the case, but i think it would be for viewers, the person playing should be so immersed in the game that they wouldnt. but well see...

Mystery_Person3750d ago

We'll have to wait for the reviews!

donator3750d ago

My friend can't play FPS games at all, not COD4, not even Oblivion because it makes him dizzy. Mirror's Edge is even worse because of all the bobble, side jumps, and stuff. This is the one time I agree with Kotaku.

deeznuts3749d ago

It isn't just BS. The first trailer they ever released, I thought, "cool!" at the end of it, I was starting to get a bit motion sick.

I dont' get motion sick while playing FPS on a computer, but on my 50" plasma I get it just a wee bit. Same symptoms, I got hit, a bit dizzy etc. I got the plasma because I was gaming on a 100" screen from a front projector in my room, and I couldn't play more than a few minutes on any FPS. Games like Uncharted etc. were fine, but FPS and 3PS got me too dizzy. It's less on the plasma, but sometimes if the conditions are right, I get it too.

Anyways, I guess since I got older I'm more susceptible. Keep in mind, while watching someone else play, you don't know what direction the character is going to do next, which explains why he didn't get it while playing.

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360 man3750d ago

play half life 2 for real motion sickness (boat stage)

outlawlife3750d ago

watch the vids of this makes you feel a bad way

they said they had things in place to counter act this but it doesn't seem to be the case

Mc Fadge3750d ago

NOT shown in the trailers. The reticle allows the user to focus and prevents "motion sickness" (it's not motion sickness, you don't get that from a game, it's called something else). One of the lead designers or one of the team members high up has this "disability", so they're able to test it with him. Apparently, it's fine, perhaps it was because the reticle wasn't there or because he wasn't playing.

MK_Red3750d ago

I love this game to death and even if it kills me, I'd still want to play it.

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