E3 LittleBigPlanet level was created in 2 days

Joystiq had the chance to speak with Media Molecule's Alex Evans about his participation in Sony's E3 2008 press conference. He declared it took him 2 days to create the level demonstrated.

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Angelitos3748d ago

Cant bribe to steal this exclusive

I'm going straight to the point about the FF13 multiplatform case:

It ruined the SONY relationship

It disappointed many fans

SONY depended on them to make a great game, to help improve the sales and reptutation of the PS3

Exclusives that tend to go Multi looses interests

Ruined the Playstation exclusive trademark

Becoming like Capcom(no need for further explanation)

Gave one less reason to own a PS3, which it was the PS2 and PS1 that gave Square Enix where they are now.

Showed they cared more about money than loyalty

Slowing down the FF13 Verses development

May question themselves about the storage space and specs they are using when developing FF13

They are looking to seem to betraying another company(like when they ditched Nintendo)

Gave something the Xbox fanboys to cheer and make fun of to the Sony fanboys

Making themselves look foolish when they made statements like, "We are arent looking forward for Final Fantasy games on different platforms". " The PS3 suits Final Fantasy 13".

Made another foolish statement saying it was to reduce the fanboyism, and yet, Last Remnant is a 360 timed exclusive, Infinite Discovery and Star Ocean are 360 exclusives.

And other foolish statement when they said FF13 multi was because of the install base, but then why is FF13 verses a PS3 exclusive? hmmmmm

Hydrolex3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

It was impressive.

Xbots enjoy playing LIPS LMAO gay ass game

Fart In Your Mouth3748d ago

Go pick up your welfare check and then work on your crack addiction

Silogon3748d ago

It was a bight spot on the entire event too. It got more laughs, applause and cheers than anything across the 3 conferences.

LuvBurger3748d ago

I'm giving you a bubble, simply because I don't want to see you banished to "1 Bubble" status.

You are quite entertaining.

PSN ID: Vinnycafonejr

jamilion3748d ago

when you have the people developing the game making the level!

Overr8ed3748d ago

i hope people buying the game can be able to do this.

IzKyD13313748d ago

they can, anything shown can be made

AlienGorilla3748d ago

I hope by 2 days they don't mean 48 hours.

Origin3748d ago

u have to remember they prob nitpick the whole lvl making sure everything is perfect

Kami3748d ago

people will not make penis lvls like in spore with the penis monsters.

jwatt3748d ago

Who disagreed with you?

Megaton3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

I'm betting on at least one penisville within hours of launch.

I'm thinking they might make it so your level has to be approved before being published for other users to play, or they might just include a report system.

mariusmal3748d ago

hours ? i think it's gonna take minutes so someone make a d1ck riding the waves

Bubble Buddy3748d ago

Innovative way to show the crowd. :). But I don't like Boston, CP3 and Hornets champs next year ;).

mfwahwah3748d ago

If you see a Penis Level you can take a screenshot and send it in. Once it is flagged it is taken down until reviewed. Serial flaggers will also get in trouble if they falsely accuse levels of inappropriate material.

Leathersoup3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

heh... if there's anything the internet has ever taught me, it's that there are people who will spend more than 2 days working on these levels and there will be astounding stuff out there. Of course one of the other things the internet has taught me is that 75% of those will be porn.

Edit: It seems according to mfwahwah's post that they've got something in check for my latter statement.

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decapitator3748d ago

Best. Powerpoint. Presentation. EVARRRRRRRR.

iHEARTboobs3748d ago

That was pretty sweet. I'm definately getting this.

Burekman3748d ago

Jeah just think about it. If you ever have to do a presentation, just use LBP. :D Beats the hell out of powerpoint.

Dir_en_grey3748d ago

I can't wait to try out creating my own level...

SUP3R3748d ago

The LBP presentation of their financial reports actually made me pay attention, compared to the other conferences...I'M LOOKING AT U NINTENDO!! }=(

Megaton3748d ago

This was my favorite part of all the conferences. Presenting the dull but necessary financial statistics and revealing the Greatest Hits line all within a custom made LittleBigPlanet stage was nothing short of genius. It makes it interesting to watch, and reinforces the notion that anything is possible with this game.

Real Gambler3748d ago

Hope the guy who had the idea is getting a bonus. This is E3, this is a game show, and using a game to show boring financial stuff was the idea of the century.

What's even greater? This game is a day one purchase for so many PS3 owner. This mean that user created content will likely be out of this world very quickly. There's tons of great creators outhere. If even just one out of every 50000 buyers is any good, we will have extra content forever.

Ri0tSquad3748d ago

LBP will be one epic game.

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Fishy Fingers3748d ago (Edited 3748d ago )

Bit disappointed. hoped the video was about the creation of the level not a load of facts and figures played out by Sackboy. Still shows what's possible within LBP. Impressive, and Sackboy Smiling and the start is great :D