Mortal Kombat X gets a 15GB patch on PC, free Krypt Koins

IncGamers reports that Mortal Kombat X's PC port has just received a whopping 15GB patch that fixes a pair of optimisation issues... but on the bright side, you'll get a few free Krypt Koins the next time you log in.

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Activemessiah3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

That's... half the size of the game itself, that's not a patch... that's major surgery.

badz1493079d ago

The Xbone's patch practice is contagious and now is spreading to pc it seems. Hopefully the PS4 won't see any patch as unreasonably sized as this ever.

But hey...this got nothing on 65GB for GTAV

Testfire3079d ago

That's a bit excessive for improved shaders and optimization issues don't you think?

Dhampir3078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

We received a 15.4gb *patch*, 10000 koins, screwed up the dead forest for AMD users, and it broke the online server apparently. Framerate is still quite bad, and requires some to change processor affinity and priority to get it to stabilize.

Kicking myself for not getting it for PS4 or XBox One instead.

Blank3078d ago

Yup and insulting that they would use the Koins to try to distract the fact it was a DLC compatibility update with fixes.

kagon013078d ago (Edited 3078d ago )

Yup, it is cut content from the main game and sold as dlc. I'll be waiting for Yatagarasu. I won't bother with this broken extortion friendly "fighting game"...

Meltic3079d ago

15 gb patch thats crazy... well the shadow stuttering is gone in the cutscenes now when i play the story so

brich2333079d ago

Hopefully it overwrites some of the other 15gb in my installation.

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Storm23722d ago

Cool. Wanted to play Hell Let Loose and I always enjoy a good golf game. Mortal Kombat X should have been 11 IMO though.

NoFanBoy722d ago

HLL seems a bit of a mess on console, I hope it improves but didn't have fun with the beta.

EvertonFC722d ago

Same was looking fwd to the beta but it was not a great experience

1nsomniac722d ago

Yea HLL is great on PC but is really hard to enjoy currently on console.

NeoGamer232722d ago

Ya, I really wanted to play PGA 2K21 but didn't want to pay the price.

Eonjay722d ago

Agreed. MKX should have been 11. I will play PGA though. Haven't played since Tiger Woods. This month feels lacking.

Ashunderfire86721d ago

I know right lol!!! Mortal Kombat X is free on PS5, but I understand PS4. Heck the PS4 version should be easy to get for just $20 or even less $10 dollars on ebay or selling stuff apps.

Profchaos721d ago

You can play it right now open beta is live and free

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SegaSaturn669722d ago

MKX was already in PS Plus Collection. This is the second time they've double dipped. Thank god the golf game lets u hit balls into the crowd.