Deus Ex Mankind Divided Lead Actor Talks Complex Plot, Jensen's Return & More in Exclusive Interview

Elias Toufexis opens up about his return as the iconic Adam Jensen in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, and hints at some new changes to the already augmented protagonist.

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DarkOcelet1282d ago

Jensen's VA has a badass voice.

BrianSharon1282d ago

Believe it or not, that's his natural voice.

DarkOcelet1282d ago

Lol, really? I must see an interview of his then. The guy is born with a badass voice is just so badass.

He should go do some vigilante stuff or something.

BrianSharon1282d ago

Thanks! Somehow that got lost in the n4g translation.

Neo_Zeed1282d ago

I hope this plot is more complex than DX:HR. I loved the last game but it need more conspiracy.

BrianSharon1282d ago

That's quite interesting, actually. It definitely had the undertones, but you're right - it never really met the MGS level of conspiracy.