FAST Racing Neo – Shin'en’s “Biggest and Most Beautiful Game”

HDWarriors asked Manfred Linzner of Shinen about the status of FAST Racing Neo and when we might see more of the game, since it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything. He had this to say:

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iplay1up22849d ago

Can't wait...Shinen makes really great games. You can see they take pride in their work.

kakashi812849d ago

I will shut my mouth about the Wii U capabilities from now on!!!

leemass242848d ago

worth noting aswell this game is 60fps aswell.

N4g_null2848d ago

Looking good. I can't wait till the new wiiu engine is released.

darthv722848d ago

this one and 90's arcade racer are what my wii-u have been waiting for.