Gamescom 2015: FAST Racing Neo's New Tracks Are a Blast (Wii U) | NWR

NWR: "Back in the day, I adored the original FAST Racing League on WiiWare. It was one of my favorite titles on that service and I simply couldn't stop playing it. More recently I replayed it and my opinion hasn't changed a single bit. How the developers pumped so much in 40MB is and always will be amazing. When Shin'en announced their new game, there was a worry in the back of my mind. Could FAST Racing Neo give me new things to be overjoyed about? I rushed to Nintendo's business area, where I spent about 45 minutes with four brand new tracks.''

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Neonridr2612d ago

Looks good. Here's hoping Nintendo takes a good look at this game and realizes that if anyone can do a good F-Zero game, it will be these guys.

cm_2612d ago

the environments and weather effects look well done. space level is quite imaginative.
think they went a bit over the top with the jumps on that first track perhaps they could make that one a little longer? pickups look a bit... unfinished or unremarkable, theres a part at 7:20 where the ship explodes even though the fire has disappeared, this probably needs fixing. some sort of damage system would be better than the ship simply dissolving when touched by fire. it seems to be lacking a bit in personality too, hopefully things that are being worked on. i'd love to see them really emphasize the arcade style of this, its like they are pushing for that direction but its not quite there yet.
is it really going to be called "fast racing neo" ?

JacketsNest1012612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

It's one of their naming conventions. The first game was fast racing league. They also released a game called nano assault and the sequel was called nano assault neo. So, yeah, that's the name.

Keep in mind, this is the alpha version and it already looks this good. Can't wait to see what this looks like when it goes gold.