GameSpot Video: Killzone 2 E3 2008 Stage Show Demo

You have to see this to believe it, actual prolonged video of Multiplayer battles with voices of the players in the background; guaranteed to make you cry with envy, and wet yourself with excitement. KillZone 2 is ripping E3 apart. Guerilla are set to silence the critics and convert them to fans.

Multiplayer Details Include:

- 8 Maps Varying in size shipped With disc
- Up to 32 players supported
- Mix & Match Badge Systems
- UAV's/Aircraft support
- Clan System = Create new clan and automatically earn 100 points. Rank system is compromised by clan betting a certain amount of their accumulated points - winner of clan battle takes all.

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Meus Renaissance3750d ago

I can't wait to see how EGM play this down. Game Of The Year 09 confirmed.

yaboi3750d ago

this comes out to be a big hit, it sure has the potential.
this video is amazing the graphics and gameplay looks top notch
Feb 09 here i come!

fenderputty3750d ago

has already given the game a "glowing 6" for the 5 min demo they played.

Everything I'm seeing looks phenomenal.

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staub913750d ago

Come Febuary....

Say good by to my social

Real Gambler3750d ago

The clan system is just great. As they said, it's the greatest thing to make sure the top clans just don't crush the smaller ones over and over.

And the mix-badges is cool too.

Greatest thing is, they are really, really polishing it. Must be fun for them to play a 32 players match in the office!

Who knows, maybe they will surprise us with a pre-Christmas release. The game look way too good already. I know, he said February, but I'm crossing fingers!

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ActionBastard3750d ago

That battle looked EPIC. Sold. Day one. Let the hate commence!

DaTruth3750d ago

It's not the SDF, Just real gamers who know what they're talking about and know what they just saw.

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SIX3750d ago

Excellent find Meus. This made my day so thanks for that.

solidt123750d ago

I have never seen a Multi-player game look this good. And it sound like they really planned everything out well too. This is going to be the number one online shooter on any platform next year.

Barreldragon003750d ago

by Fart in your mouth-A real gamer would know the heavy hitters are released 4th quarter.

Sorry but no thats just Microsofts strategy because they don't have very many big first party games. So far this year what has Microsoft released? because i've been playing MGS4 (my vote of 08 game of the year) and I'm still have i crapload wanting to play for the rest of the year. Also GOW 1 and 2 released in may-march (one of those) and both received a ton of awards and GOTY awards.

The Wood3750d ago

i was a little worried;)

mack44443750d ago

so Super Smash Bros. Brawl, GTA4 and MGS4 have no chance at being GOTY since they were released before the 4th quarter? Give me a break. It doesnt matter when a games released, just how good it is and the above games that I mentioned have recieved glowing reviews from gaming journalists and will be considered for GOTY

hamburgerhill3750d ago

Now the game looks amazing and lots of fun but to call it GOTY so soon just doesn't seem fair to Guerilla. Why can't we just be happy the game is coming along so nicely rather then worrying about if the game will be the best game in 2009?

DaTruth3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

At least sony has games for 09 that weren't delayed when Microsoft wrote off 08. God of war 3 killzone 2 whatever!! (Killzone 2 original release date 4 quarter 08).
Edit: So my comment is offensive, but I shouldn't take offence to him calling me a moron?

zane_78493750d ago

Between this inFamous and God of War III, Sony already has a knockout 2009...and it's only half-way through 2008. Hope all the early haters, are good and ready to eat some crow desuir.

Genki3750d ago

EGM's impressions and the mass media telling you that it's GotY.

I'd rather spend my time playing the game than giving a d*mn what others think about it, because at this point, I know I want it.

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Relcom3750d ago

Did you guys hear all the things they were talking about, the clan support looks freaking king. Those graphics are easily the best looking in any multiplayer except maybe a supercomputer running crysis.

mack44443750d ago

I thought it was the single player! i cant wait for this game it looks like its going to be a great shooter

Calvin_ISA3750d ago

The graphics and quality of gameplay in this game looks STELLAR!!!

Off Topic: I sure as hell am not going to be in a newbie clan. :P

Meus Renaissance3750d ago

I can't believe this is barely getting hits

fenderputty3750d ago


I honestly am much more excited about this E3 then I was yesterday after the Sony presentation. The footage they've been showing on this game, RFOM2, LBP, Infamous and MS2 have me soooo pumped.

Great stuff here.

DaTruth3750d ago

Sony's show doesn't end when there presentation is done. Sony has lot's of in house developers to show their stuff too! Once MS and Nintendo's presentations are done, they're done!

INehalemEXI3750d ago

This vid has an intense drool factor. Were going to need some napkins here.

Doctor Strange3750d ago

Wow GG to get the multiplayer to look just as good as the single is a great feat and all of the features sounds nice. Can't wait for this.

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Mr PS33750d ago

And Resistance
The PS3 sure showed the bots how to make a FPS

Veryangryxbot3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )



Remember when someone said, bots were cheering when FF13 was announced but will be crying when E3 is done?

HAHAHA! That guy had a very accurate crystal ball, is all I have to say LMAO!

My LORD, You see that Sniper with that invisible cloaking device? BOOM HEADSHOT! Now you dont bot! Hahaha!

Fart In Your Mouth3750d ago

This just goes to show what 3+ years of development can get you on the PS3....a game that is right up to spec with gears of war graphics. Where is the 4D gaming? Where is the 120fps? Where is the 1080p native resolutions???

If Sony has to give 3+ years for a game that is the same specs as the 360's AAA hitters.....don't expect their bullcrap anytime soon. Enjoy watching your bluray movies in the mean time. Its funny how all the PS3 fanboys say that MS screws their customers.


Lied about how powerful the PS3 is (more dev time just to meet and NOT exceed the 360)
Lied about your 4D gaming
Lied about your FPS
Lied about 1080p native
Screwed everyone the first year with a laughable price tag of $600

All of you have been spamming the 360 threads non-stop to make yourself feel better. You finally get a decent game and you think that it's going to push consoles? Nope....enjoy Bluray morons.

Isaac3750d ago

"Lied about how powerful the PS3 is (more dev time just to meet and NOT exceed the 360) "

Lied about how powerful the 360 is (more time on the market just NOT to meet and NOT exceed the PS3, where are games that look better than Uncharted, Killzone, or Metal Gear Solid 4?)

"Lied about your 4D gaming"

Only morons like you took that literally, games already use procedural textures you dipsh1t.

"Lied about your FPS"

Killzone 2 looks better than anything on 360 and looks almost as good as the trailer.

"Lied about 1080p native"

Explain then why does RR6 runs at 1080p60fps and RR5 on 360 runs at 720p and 30fps.

"Screwed everyone the first year with a laughable price tag of $600 "

Microsoft is still screwing everyone by selling the most defective and expensive DVD player in the market.

Fart In Your Mouth3750d ago

You need a tissue?

Killzone looks good but you would hope that after 3 years it wouldn't be as blurry.

Game blur comes from:
Poor frame rate and....poor processing power.

Sounds like a Sony product to me!

juuken3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )'re trying way too hard.
I'm sorry.

EDIT: Again, you are trying way too hard. I commend you for your effort but it's not working. :(

I know I bought a winning system and I'm very happy about it. :]


Fart In Your Mouth3750d ago

Jewken, you are just upset. Its ok...I once bought something that did nothing but piss me off. One day you will get your moneys worth on a product.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3750d ago

Look there is another xBot sad tw*t with a sad name on this talking sh*t...Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz I give up on this site really

xBox 360 is DYING GET OVER IT!!! NO New games shown at 'E3'??? All they did was steal 'FF13' and that was is??? WOW!!!

Hmm...Another xBot on my 'ignore' List!!! ;-D

Micro$oft will be buying are 'AIR' we breath next!!! And the Stupid xBots will still be licking Bill Gate$ @ss!!!

Fart In Your Mouth3750d ago

"Micro$oft will be buying are 'AIR' we breath next!!! And the Stupid xBots will still be licking Bill Gate$ @ss!!!"

Do everyone a favor and don't buy it.

PoSTedUP3750d ago

lol! lol!!

@ fart- *thumbs down at your effort*

ah... feels so good owning a ps3....

NegativeCreep4273750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

Good, that Sh!t-for-Brains xbot "Fart In Your Mouth" is out of bubbles. If he is smart he will now take the time to wash all the corn out of his hair and wash all the sh!t out of his ears, since he is always passing the time away with his head up his a$$.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3750d ago

Oh dear...waits for Nasty 'PM'...Not Red(RoD)Light on my 'PM Inbox' yet...Oooops...did i say Red Light... ;-D
Can't wait for 'HOME' no RATS in 'HOME' ;-D
you...'Bill Gate$ in your Mouth'...

|.......|...|................ .|
|...................|........ .|
|............____|...____| ;)


morganfell3750d ago (Edited 3750d ago )

What $600 dollar price tag? You aren't a smart fart at all, are you.

If you want to talk launch prices, let's talk launch prices, shall we?

PS3 60GB Launch that I have = $599. Online = 0.00 Total = $599.00

360 Pro Launch I used to have and am now on my 4th one $399

Online for Live X 4 years $200.00 Total = $599.00

PS3 Hi Def player = $0.00 360 Hi def player Do you really want to keep talking about launch prices? $179.00

PS3 60GB HDD = $0.00 360 60GB HDD, doesn't exist. You have to buy a proprietary model Do you really want to keep talking about launch prices? $179.00 Or do you want to talk current prices - PS3 320GB HDD = $99.00 360 120 GB HDD = $179.00

BTW, I am still waiting on the Live Store where I can sell shirts and hats, and I am waiting on that user made content on the 360 like you find in the PS3 version of UT3.

BTW, I am still waiting on a reimbursement for $50.00 in software that the DRM tool from MS failed to fix.

Homicide3750d ago

How many players does Halo 3 support? ;D ;D ;D

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Kain813750d ago

Yipiyayey Schweinebacke----------->M$